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NEW BOOK: The Romanovs Adrift – The Russian Imperial Family in 1913-1919

As we await with anticipation the arrival of our next book, DEATH OF A ROMANOV PRINCE – The Promising Life and Early Death off Prince Oleg Konstantinovich of Russia, by Terry Boland, we are about to release to our printer the newest EUROHISTYORY production with talented authors Greg King and Penny Wilson.

Their joint effort, with an Afterword by the equally knowledgeable and talented Ktrina Warne, is titled: THE ROMANOVS ADRIFT – The Russian nImperial Family in 1913-1919.

The authors  would like to inform the readers that:
This book covers the lives of eighty members of the Romanov Dynasty between 1913-1919. The cast of characters is thus immense. For the ease of readers, we have divided these Romanovs into their eight respective branches. The Emperor headed the premier line, the Nikolaievich branch, which consisted of himself, his wife, and his children. There were seven Grand Ducal branches (Alexandrovich, Vladimirovich, Sergeievich, Pavlovich, Nikolaievich, Konstantinovich, and Mikhailovich), three junior branches (Oldenburg, Leuchtenberg, and Mecklenburg), and the five Grand Duchesses who had entered into foreign marriages. To further help identify our subjects, we have freely used patronymics in an effort to avoid confusion between those with identical Christian names.
THE ROMANOVS ADRIFT contains a splendid collection of exquisite photos of all the Romanovs branches, and extended family, covered in the book. With access to the vest EUROHISTORY Royal Photography Collection, the book includes nearly 320 unique images of the 80 members of the Romanov Dynasty covered by the authors' narrative. Many of these photos came from the private collections of members of the Imperial Family and their descendants. to further provide a sense of the lost world of the Romanovs, images of their palaces were also included where appropriate, as were images of the sites that witnessed the tragic exile and end of the Romanov Dynasty.
The book is scheduled to begin selling in July 2018 in time to commemorate the centennial of the assassinations of Tsar Nicholas II and his family, as well as the assassinations of the Romanov victims in Alapayevsk (Grand Duchess Elisabeth Feodorovna, Grand Duke Sergei Mikhailovich, Prince Ioann Konstantinovich, Prince Konstantin Konstantinovich, Prince Igor Konstantinovich, and Pridnce Vladimir Pavlovich Paley).
THE ROMANOVS ADRIFT will be available through our usual venues:
Librairie Galignani – Paris
MAJESTY Magazine
Once the link to AMAZON and is ready, we will post it!
We believe that this is a truly unique addition to your Romanov collections and hope, in fact know, that you will not be disappointed!










Friday, May 18, 2018

The Wedding of TRH The Duke and Duchess of Sussex

Today, inside St George's Chapel, Windsor, HRH Prince Henry of Wales and his fiancée Ms Meghan Markle exchanged wedding vows.

TRH The Duke and Duchess of Sussex

Earlier today, Buckingham Palace released an announcement in which HM The Queen granted her grandson Henry the title of Duke of Sussex, Earl of Dumbarton, Baron Kilkeel.

Viewers worldwide watched on TV and computer screens the pomp and staging for which the Royal Family are so well-known.

Some 600 guests were invited to the wedding,  followed by a luncheon, while only a third of them were also invited to a private luncheon following the wedding ceremony.

I have added here a number of links to various reports on the royal wedding.

Wishing them the best of luck as they embark together on a wonderfully complex life journey ...

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Royal Gatherings in The Hague – November 10-11, 2018

This year we will host the 5th Royal Gatherings in The Hague on November 10-11, 2018. The conference takes place at the Park Hotel, which has served as our venue for the last four years!. In an effort to provide attendees an excellent roster of lecturers, as well as a varied selection of topics, we have been working earnestly to set up the speakers' here it goes! 1. Werner Vermeulen – Ludwig, the disappointed King. 2. Moniek Bloks – Carolina of Orange-Nassau 3. Arturo Beéche – Revolution arrives in Coburg and Gotha 4. Katie Tice – The Kaiser Falls 5. Silvia Irina Zimmermann – Carol I and Elisabeth of Romania 6. Gert-Jürgen Frisch – King George V of Hannover 7. Hugo Vickers – The Quest for Queen Mary 8. Bearn Bilker – The Fall of the German Dynasties & The Kaiser's Exile 9. Dátivo Salvia Ocaña – The Royal House of the Two Sicilies If interested in attending, please contact us ASAP at: or Space is limited as the conference room can only seat so many guests. We hope to see you in The Hague! Regards, Arturo Beéche and Annet Bakker
Tsar Nicholas II and Kaiser Wilhelm II
Duke Carl Eduard of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
The Quest for Queen Mary
King George V of Great Britain, Queen Mary's husband

Royal Death Notices

My appreciation to a dear friend, member of the German Gotha, for sending us copies of two death notices: First Franz Alexander of Isenburg and Duke Friedrich of Württemberg.
This has been a dreadful week in royal losses! I first met Duke Friedrich many years ago while attending a royal wedding. later, I met him several other times at various royal events (funerals, exhibitions, birthdays, weddings). He was always extremely kind and approachable. Friedrich had a good sense of humor and did not take himself too seriously. His boisterous laugh was quite refreshing. I am very saddened by his untimely death and only hope that he did not suffer...
The First of Isenburg and his wife were very kind to me in 2004 when they sent me an invitation to the wedding of their daughter Katharina to Archduke Martin of Austria. I traveled to Isenburg, a quaint small town hidden in the mountains near Frankfurt. While covering the wedding for Eurohistory, the Fürstin of Isenburg sent me a message with her youngest son Prince Viktor asking that I join the private festivities after the church wedding. I was thrilled. It was a lovely wedding and I was able to spend quite a long time taking photos of the many Gotha guests who were in attendance that day. Fürst Franz Alexander thought it amazing that an American magazine was interested in covering a German aristocratic wedding. He was also amazed that I had traveled all the way to Isenburg from San francisco.."come Mr. Beéche, you have earned a beer, or more than one," he told me. Memories...

Friday, May 11, 2018

Hubertus Stephan (1970-2018)

Sad news this Saturday report the unexpected passing of Hubertus Stephan, the husband of Princess Tatiana zu Hohenlohe-Langenburg. Apparently, Mr. Stephan had an accident while off-roading in the Austrian Alps near Kitzbühel. His two sons, Carl and Wolf, had been in the car with him until moments before the vehicle overturned and rolled down a steep slope before being stopped by a tree. Princess Tatiana is the youngest of two daughters of Prince Andreas zu Hohenlohe-Langenburg and of his wife, the former Princess Louise of Schönburg-Waldenburg. Tatiana was born in 1975. Prince Andreas is the second son of the late First Gottfried zu Hohenlohe-Langenburg and of his late wife, the former Princess Margarita of Greece and Denmark. In fact, Tatiana is a double-descendant of Queen Victoria through both her paternal grandparents. Gottfried was the son of Fürst Ernst II of Hohenlohe-Langenburg and his wife, the former Princess Alexandra of Edinburgh and Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, a granddaughter of Queen Victoria. Ernst II was a great-nephew of Queen Victoria as his paternal grandmother was the former Princess Feodora of Leiningen, the Queen's half-sister. Princess Margarita was the first child of Prince Andreas of Greece and Denmark and of his wife, the former Princess Alice of Battenberg, eldest child of Prince Louis of Battenberg and of his wife, the former Princess Victoria of Hesse and by Rhine, a granddaughter of Queen Victoria through her daughter Alice, who in 1862 married Prince Ludwig of Hesse and by Rhine, who in 1877 succeeded as Grand Duke Ludwig IV. Fürstin Margarita was the oldest of five children. Her siblings included: Theodora, married to the Margrave of Baden; Cecilie, married to Hereditary Grand Duke Donatus of Hesse and by Rhine; Sophie, firstly married to Prince Christopher of Hesse and secondly to Prince Georg Wilhelm of Hannover; and Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, husband of HM Queen Elizabeth II. Hence, Tatiana's father is a first cousin of the Prince of Wales. Princess Tatiana and her husband were married in Munich in October 2010. Their first son arrived in 2012, while the family's youngest child was born the following year. Prince Andreas and Princess Louise's eldest daughter, Katharina, is married to Prince Nikolaus of Waldeck-Pyrmont, and they are the parents of two daughters: Laetitia (b. 2003) and Alexia (b. 2006). They also live in Munich, where the family often gathers at Prince Andreas and Princess Louise's lovely home in an elegant district of the Bavarian capital. The photograph below was sent to us by Princess Tatiana's parents, friends of Eurohistory and avid readers of many of our publications.
We wish to express to Princess Tatiana, her children, and extended family, our sincerest condolences...

Duke Friedrich of Württemberg (1961-2018)

Duke Friedrich of Württemberg, eldest son of Duke Carl (Head of House) and Duchess Diane (née France), died as a consequence of a terrible automobile accident. The tragedy unfolded on May 9 in a serious accident on the county road 7962 between Ebenweiler and Fronhofen on Wednesday afternoon. In addition, three other people were injured.
Friedrich's parents, Carl and Diane, married at Schloß Altshausen, the massive Württemberg home, on 21 July 1960. This had been the second alliance between both families as Carl's sister Marie-Thérèse had married Diane's brother Henri a few years earlier. 

Within months of her splendid marriage, Duchess Diane found herself pregnant, giving birth to her firstborn on June 1, 1961. The baby boy was christened with the names: Friedrich Philipp Carl Franz Maria. He was born at Friedrichshafen, another large Württemberg castle near Lake Constanz.

After achieving many goals and successes concerning his education and early role in the family business, Friedrich announced his engagement to Princess Marie zu Wied. Their religious marriage, another splendid affair, the likes of which only the Württembergs know how to stage,  took place at Altshausen on November 13, 1993.

Nine months to the day after their marriage, Friedrich and Marie welcomed their first child, Wilhelm Friedrich Carl Philipp Albrecht Nikolaus Eric Maria. The baby boy was born in Ravensburg, where his mother would later give birth to the family's two other children: Marie-Amélie (b. 1996) and Sophie-Dorothee (b. 1997).

A news report of th
e car accident that took the life of Friedrich is found here:,-trauer-nach-unfalltod-von-friedrich-herzog-von-württemberg-_arid,10866877.html
Royal friends of EUROHISTORY have communicated to us their utter shock with words like: "terrible," "How devastating," "Lovely guy, too soon departed."
We wish to express our sincerest condolences to the Royal Family of Württemberg during this sad period of mourning...
May He rest in Peace!

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