Tuesday, July 28, 2020

The Oldest Living Male Member of a Mediatized Family? The Count von Neipperg Has Turned 102.

Count Josef Hubert von Neipperg

Last week, on 22 July 2020, Count Josef Hubertus von Neippurg celebrated his 102nd birthday.

Countess Anna von Neipperg, born Countess von Silva-Tarouca

Count Maria Josef Hubertus Ernst Amadeus Vincenz Benediktus Antonius Konrad Apolinarius von Neipperg was born in 22 July 1918 at Schwaigern in the soon-to-be-gone Kingdom of Württemberg. His parents were Count Anton Ernst von Neipperg (1883-1947) and Countess Anna von Silva-Tarouca (1888-1971). Anton Ernst served in the Prussian Army during First World War. He was chairman of the Association of Catholic Noblemen in Southwest Germany. A member of the German Central Party, Anton Ernst von Neipperg was a deputy in the last state parliament of the Free People's State of Württemberg.

Countess Marie von Ledebur-Wicheln with her older brother Franz (1919-1944)
Countess Karoline von Ledebur-Wicheln, eventual Princess of Liechtenstein
Countess Eleonore von Ledebur-Wicheln, born Countess Larisch von Moennich

In the 1950s, Count Josef Hubertus von Neipperg married Countess Marie Franziska Rudolfine Eleonore von Ledebur-Wicheln (1920-1984), a daughter of Count Eugen von Ledebur-Wicheln (1873-1945) and Countess Eleonore Larisch von Moennich (1888-1975). Marie's eldest sister Countess Henriette von Ledebur-Wicheln married Count Ferdinand Kinsky von Wchinitz und Tettau; the couple had seven children, and one of their daughters, Countess Marie Agläe, married Prince Hans Adam II of Liechtenstein. Marie's next eldest sister Countess Karoline von Ledebur-Wicheln married Prince Johannes of Liechtenstein; the couple had four children: Princess Maya, Prince Eugen (married Countess Maria Theresia von Goëss), Prince Albrecht (married Tamara Nyman), and Princess Barbara (married Prince Alexander of Yugoslavia).

Count Karl von Neipperg marries Archduchess Andrea of Austria in 1977

Josef Hubertus von Neipperg and Marie von Ledebur-Wicheln had eight children: Count Karl (b.1951; married Archduchess Andrea of Austria), Count Reinhard (b.1953), Countess Maria Anna (b.1955), Countess Franziska (b.1956), Count Stephan (b.1957), Count Christoph (b.1958), Countess Barbara (b.1960), and Count Johannes Alfred (b.1964).

Count Josef Hubertus and Countess Therese von Neippurg at the count's 80th birthday in 1998.
Photo (c) Seeger-Presse
Wilhelm I, Duke of Urach
Wilhelm II, Duke of Urach, with his wife Duchess Amelie and their eldest eight children.
In 1986, Count Josef Hubertus von Neipperg married Princess Therese Maria Gabriele Carola Hilda zu Hohenlohe-Waldenburg-Schillingsfürst (b.1938), a daughter of Fürst Friedrich Karl IV zu Hohenlohe-Waldenburg-Schillingsfürst (1908-1982) and Fürstin Mechtilde von Urach, Gräfin von Württemberg (1912-2001). Therese's maternal grandparents are Duke Wilhelm II von Urach, Graf von Württemberg (1864-1928) and Duchess Amalia in Bavaria (1865-1912). Her maternal great-grandparents are Duke Wilhelm I von Urach, Graf von Württemberg (1810-1869) and Princess Florentine of Monaco (1833-1897). 
The family of Josef Hubertus von Neipperg celebrates his 80th birthday in 1998.
Photograph (c) Seeger-Presse
From his eight children, Count Josef Hubertus von Neipperg currently has twenty-four grandchildren, who were born between 1978 and 2017. The count currently has eighteen great-grandchildren.

Monday, July 27, 2020

The Son of the Marchioness of Milford Haven Weds the Granddaughter of Earl Howe

Harry Wentworth-Stanley and Cressida Bonas

At the weekend, Harry Wentworth-Stanley and Cressida Bonas celebrated their marriage. The couple's engagement took place in August 2019.


Harry David Wentworth-Stanley (b.1989) is the son of Nicholas Philip Wentworth-Stanley (b.1954) and Clare Husted Steel (b.1960). Nicholas and Clare married in 1985 and divorced in 1997. Harry has two siblings: James Wentworth-Stanley (1985-2006) and Louisa Wentworth-Stanley (b.1993). In 1997, Harry's mother Clare married George Mountbatten, 4th Marquess of Milford Haven (b.1961). Harry's stepfather is a descendant of Louis Mountbatten, 1st Marquess of Milford Haven (born Prince Louis of Battenberg) and Princess Victoria of Hesse. From his mother's second marriage, Harry gained two step-siblings: Lady Tatiana Mountbatten (b.1990) and Harry Mountbatten, Earl of Medina (b.1991).


Cressida Curzon Bonas (b.18 February 1989) is the only child of Jeffery Bonas and Lady Mary-Gaye Curzon (b.1947). Cressida's maternal grandparents are Edward Curzon, 6th Earl Howe, and Grace Wakeling. Jeffrey and Mary-Gaye were married in 1988 and divorced in 1994. Cressida has four half-siblings. From her mother's first marriage to Kevin Cooper-Key, Cressida has a sister, Pandora Cooper-Key (b.1973; married Matthew Mervyn-Jones). From her mother's second marriage to John Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe, Cressida has two sisters and a brother: Georgiana Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe (b.1978; married Robert Butler), Isabella Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe (b.1980; married Sam Branson, son of Sir Richard Branson), and Jacobi Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe (b.1983).

From 2012 until 2014, Cressida was the girlfriend of Prince Harry of Wales, now the Duke of Sussex.

Sunday, July 26, 2020

An Engagement in the British Branch of the Prussian Royal Family


In The Telegraph of Monday, 27 July 2020, the engagement was announced between Frederick "Fritzi" von Preussen and Mathilda "Tilly" Johnson. The couple have been dating for several years. Fritzi von Preussen is a second cousin of Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia, Head of the Royal House.

Prince Frederick Nicholas Stormont von Preussen was born at London on 11 June 1990. He is the son of Prince Frederick Nicholas von Preussen (b.1946) and his wife Victoria (b.1952; née Mancroft). Fritzi's paternal grandparents are Prince Friedrich of Prussia (1911-1966) and Lady Brigid Guinness (1920-1995). Fritzi's maternal grandparents are Stormont Mancroft, 2nd Baron Mancroft (1914-1987), and Diana Lloyd.

Mathilda Noel Johnson was born in 1989. She is the daughter of Mr Rupert Johnson and his wife Simonetta (née Barber).

Prince Frederick is a great-great grandson of German Emperor Wilhelm II (1859-1941). He is a great-great-great-great grandson of Queen Victoria.

A special thank you to Michael Rhodes of the Peerage News Blog for providing the details of the engagement!

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Prince Joachim of Denmark Hospitalised in France

Following his hospitalisation yesterday, the Danish royal court has issued a statement regarding thee health of Prince Joachim of Denmark:

His Royal Highness Prince Joachim was late last night admitted to Toulouse University Hospital in France. Immediately thereafter, the Prince underwent surgery for a blood clot in the brain. The operation was successful, and His Royal Highness’ condition is stable. 
The Royal House has no further information at this point in time, but it is the wish of Her Majesty The Queen that the public respects the privacy of the family during the hospitalization. Her Royal Highness Princess Marie is with her husband.
Joachim is fifty-one years-old. He is the second son of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark and her late husband Prince Henrik. From his first marriage to Alexandra Manley, Joachim has two sons: Prince Nikolai (b.1999) and Prince Felix (b.2002). The prince and his second wife Princess Marie have two children: Prince Henrik (b.2009) and Princess Athena (b.2012). Earlier this week, Prince Joachim and his family celebrated the eighteenth birthday of Prince Felix. 

Friday, July 24, 2020

Prince Joachim of Denmark Hospitalised in France

Following his hospitalisation yesterday, the Danish royal court has issued a statement regarding thee health of Prince Joachim of Denmark:
His Royal Highness Prince Joachim was late last night admitted to Toulouse University Hospital in France. Immediately thereafter, the Prince underwent surgery for a blood clot in the brain. The operation was successful, and His Royal Highness’ condition is stable. 
The Royal House has no further information at this point in time, but it is the wish of Her Majesty The Queen that the public respects the privacy of the family during the hospitalization. Her Royal Highness Princess Marie is with her husband.
Joachim is fifty-one years-old. He is the second son of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark and her late husband Prince Henrik. From his first marriage to Alexandra Manley, Joachim has two sons: Prince Nikolai (b.1999) and Prince Felix (b.2002). The prince and his second wife Princess Marie have two children: Prince Henrik (b.2009) and Princess Athena (b.2012). Earlier this week, Prince Joachim and his family celebrated the eighteenth birthday of Prince Felix. 

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

New Book in the Works: Recollections by Victoria, Marchioness of Milford Haven

These are exciting times here at Eurohistory!

As we release this news, we are looking forward to our newest book, The Grand Ducal House of Hesse, which is printing this week. We expect that The Grand Ducal House of Hesse, our 32nd book, will be available to ship to preorders in mid-August, if not a little earlier!

Now being said...we want to share with you our latest news...

Last week, Eurohistory received permission to publish a unique personal memoir written by Victoria, Marchioness of Milford Haven.

Born Princess Victoria of Hesse and by Rhine in 1863, Victoria was the eldest child of the future Grand Duke Ludwig IV of Hesse and his wife, the former Princess Alice of the United Kingdom and Ireland, Queen Victoria's extremely talented second daughter.

Princess Victoria of Hesse was very close to her English grandmother, both maintaining a voluminous multi-year correspondence. Excerpts of this correspondence were published in book form several years ago.

In 1884 at Darmstadt, the grand ducal capital, Victoria married her first cousin once-removed, Prince Louis of Battenberg. The couple had four children: Alice, Princess Andreas of Greece; Louise, Queen of Sweden); George, 2nd Marquess of Milford Haven; and Louis, Earl Mountbatten of Burma.

Prince Louis of Battenberg.

Having lost her mother at an early age, Victoria of Hesse became the sail and keel of her extended family. She traveled across Europe with great frequency to visit her siblings and other relations. One month she would be at Hemmelmark visiting her sister Princess Irene of Prussia, then she would return to Darmstadt to stay with her brother Grand Duke Ernst Ludwig. When in Russia, Victoria would visit her sisters: Elisabeth Feodorovna in St Petersburg, Moscow, or Illinskoe; and Alexandra, consort of Tsar Nicholas II.

Victoria became the keeper of family secrets, solver of family drama, and advice-giver to them all.

It is amazing for us to be able to bring to our readers Victoria's RECOLLECTIONS. This remarkable first-hand recount of the lives of most in her circle of family and the "Royal Mob," as Queen Victoria called the extended family, is a fascinating read. It will become a must-have for those of us interested in royalty as well as a useful research tool.

RECOLLECTIONS will include extended annotations, an in-depth introduction, and a new chapter bringing Victoria's memoirs to a close. Her memoirs begin in the 1860s and run up to 1914, when the outbreak of war caught her while visiting Russia. Adding great value to this important royal autobiography, there will be a plethora of photos depicting the vast cast of characters who play a role in the life story of Victoria, Marchioness of Milford Haven.

Stay tuned for more exciting news regarding this unique work!

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Prince George of Cambridge Celebrates His Seventh Birthday!


Today Prince George of Cambridge turns seven years-old. To mark his birthday, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have released two photographs of the prince that were taken by his mother Catherine earlier this month at Anmer Hall.


Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge was born on 22 July 2013 at St Mary's Hospital in London. He was the first child of his parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who married in 2011. George has two siblings: Princess Charlotte of Cambridge (b.2015) and Prince Louis of Cambridge (b.2017).


George is third in the line of succession to the British throne after his grandfather, the Prince of Wales, and his father, the Duke of Cambridge.

The Newest QVD Was Born on Monday!

Amy Lascelles

Amy Rose Lascelles (b.26 June 1986), the partner of Matthew Michael Bolton (b.1990), gave birth to a son, Marlow Fox (Lascelles) Bolton on Monday, 20 July 2020. Marlow is the newest descendent of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom.

George Lascelles, Earl of Harewood
Amy Lascelles is the daughter of the Honourable (Robert) Jeremy Hugh Lascelles (b.14 February 1955) and his first wife Julie Baylis (b.19 July 1957). Amy is a granddaughter of the late 7th Earl of Harewood (1923-2011) and his first wife Marion Stein (1926-2014).

Princess Mary and the Earl of Harewood on their wedding day
Baby Marlow is a great-great-grandson of Princess Mary, the Princess Royal and Countess of Harewood (1897-1965). The infant is a great-great-great-grandson of King George V (1865-1936) and Queen Mary (1867-1953).

The Diamond Wedding Anniversary of the Duke and Duchess of Württemberg

The marriage of Duke Carl of Württemberg and Princess Diane d'Orléans
Embed from Getty Images
Today, 21 July, Duke Carl and Duchess Diane of Württemberg celebrate their Diamond wedding anniversary. The couple were religiously married sixty years ago at Altshausen. Their civil wedding had been held three days prior on 18 July 1960.
Embed from Getty Images
Duke Carl of Württemberg was born on 1 August 1936 at Friedrichshafen. He was the second son of Duke Philipp of Württemberg (1893-1975) and his second wife Duchess Rosa (1906-1983; née Austria). Carl has five full siblings: Duchess Helene (b.1929; married Marchese Federico Pallavicini), Duke Ludwig (1930-2019; married morganatically twice), Duchess Elisabeth (b.1933; married Prince Antonio of Bourbon-Two Sicilies), Duchess Marie-Thérèse (b.1934; married Prince Henri d'Orléans, Count of Clermont), and Duchess Antoinette (1937-2004). From his father's first marriage to Archduchess Helena of Austria (1903-1924; sister of Duke Philipp's second wife Rosa), Carl has one half-sister: Duchess Christine (b.1924; married Prince Georg of Liechtenstein).
Embed from Getty Images
Princess Diane d'Orléans was born on 24 March 1940 at Petrópolis. She was the fourth daughter and sixth child of Prince Henri d'Orléans, Count of Paris, and his wife Princess Isabelle of Orléans-Bragança. Diane has ten siblings: Princess Isabelle (b.1932; married Count Friedrich Karl von Schönborn-Buchheim), Prince Henri (1933-2019; eventual Count of Paris; married Duchess Marie-Thérèse of Württemberg and then Micaela Cousiño), Princess Hélène (b.1934; married Count Evrard von Limburg-Stirum), Prince François (1935-1960), Princess Anne (b.1938; married Prince Carlos of Bourbon-Two Sicilies), Prince Michel (b.1941; married Béatrice Pasquier de Franclieu and then Bárbara de Posch-Pastor), Prince Jacques (b.1941; married Gersende de Sabran-Pontevès), Princess Claude (b.1943; married Prince Amedeo of Savoy Aosta, then Arnaldo La Cagnina, and finally Enrico Gandolfi), Princess Chantal (b.1946; married François Xavier de Sambucy de Sorgue), and Prince Thibaut (1948-1983; married Marion Gordon-Orr).
Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images
Duke Carl and Duchess Diane have six children: Friedrich, Mathilde, Eberhard, Philipp, Michael, and Fleur. The duke and duchess have sixteen grandchildren.
Embed from Getty Images
Duke Friedrich of Württemberg was born in 1961. In 1993, Friedrich married Princess Marie zu Wied (b.1973). The couple have three children: Duke Wilhelm (b.1994), Duchess Marie-Amélie (b.1996), and Duchess Sophie-Dorothee (b.1997). Friedrich was tragically killed in an automobile accident in 2018, at the age of fifty-six.
Embed from Getty Images
Duchess Mathilde of Württemberg was born in 1962. In 1988, Mathilde married Fürst Erich von Waldburg zu Zeil und Trauchburg (b.1962). The couple have five daughters: Countess Marie Therese (b.1989), Countess Elisabeth (b.1990), Countess Maria Charlotte (b.1992), Countess Maria Helene (b.1993), and Countess Maria Gabrielle (b.1996).
Embed from Getty Images
Duke Eberhard of Württembergwas born in 1963. In 2011, Eberhard married Lucia Desiree Copf (b.1964). The couple have one son: Duke Alexander (b.2010).
Embed from Getty Images
Duke Philipp of Württemberg was born in 1964. In 1991, Philipp married Duchess Marie Caroline in Bavaria (b.1969). The couple have four children: Duchess Sophie (b.1994; married Maximilien d’Andigné), Duchess Pauline (b.1997), Duke Carl Theodor (b.1999), and Duchess Anna (b.2007).
Duke Michael of Württemberg was born in 1965. In 2006, Michael married Julia Ricarda Storz (b.1965).
Embed from Getty Images
Duchess Fleur of Württemberg was born in 1977. In 2003, Fleur married Count Moritz Louis von Goëß (b.1967). The couple have three children: Count Zeno (b.2004), Countess Flaminia (b.2006), and Countess Livia (b.2010).
Embed from Getty Images
Many happy returns to Duke Carl and Duchess Diane!

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EUROHISTORY: Issue CXXV – Spring 2020 Mailing to Renewed Subscribers!

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Sunday, July 19, 2020

An Imperial Marriage in Monte Carlo: Eleonore of Austria Weds Jerome D'Ambrosio In Civil Ceremony

Embed from Getty Images
Her Imperial and Royal Highness Archduchess Eleonore of Austria married Jérôme d'Ambrosio today, 20 July. The couple were united in a civil ceremony in Monte Carlo, Monaco. The celebration happened in an intimate circle of family and friends. The wedding between Eleonore of Austria and Jérôme d'Ambrosio had been planned rather differently. Covid-19 and related legal restrictions have made it impossible to have a formal wedding as had been planned for this year. The church wedding in a bigger circle will be celebrated as soon as the pandemic restrictions are lifted. Archduchess Gloria acted as the witness for her sister Eleonore, and Olivia d'Ambrosio acted as the witness for her brother Jérôme. After the wedding, the couple was joined by a few more friends for a celebratory lunch.
Embed from Getty Images
Archduchess Eleonore of Austria was born on 28 February 1994 at Salzburg as first child and daughter of Archduke Karl, current Head of the Austrian Imperial House, and his wife Archduchess Francesca (née Thyssen-Bornemisza). Eleonore works as a jewellery designer. Jérôme d'Ambrosio was born on 27 December 1985 in Etterbeck, Belgium, as the son of Henri D'Ambrosio and Gisele. Jérôme is a Belgian Formula E racing driver for the Indian team Mahindra Racing.
Embed from Getty Images
The couple's engagement was announced in March 2019.
Congratulations to Eleonore and Jérôme as they celebrate their civil wedding!

A Princely Wedding in Canada: Nadia of Leiningen, Descendant of Queen Victoria, Marries Ian Baker in Ontario

Princess Nadia of Leiningen and Ian Baker
On Saturday, 18 July 2020, H.S.H. Princess Nadia zu Leiningen married Ian Baker at Knox Presbyterian Church, Oakville, Ontario, Canada. The religious ceremony took place at 2:30pm in an outdoor area on the church's property.
Princess Nadia Christiane Ruth zu Leiningen was born at Toronto on 16 December 1991. She is the second of three daughters of Prince Hermann zu Leiningen (b.1963) and his wife Princess Deborah (b.1961; née Cully). Nadia has two sisters: Princess Tatiana (b.1989) and Princess Alexandra (b.1997). 
Karl, 5th Prince zu Leiningen
Grand Duchess Maria Kirillovna of Russia
The paternal grandparents of Princess Nadia are Prince Karl Vladimir zu Leiningen (1928-1990) and Princess Marie Louise of Bulgaria (b.1933). Her paternal great-grandparents are Fürst Karl zu Leiningen (1898-1946) and Grand Duchess Maria Kirillovna of Russia (1907-1951) as well as King Boris III of Bulgaria (1894-1943) and Princess Giovanna of Savoy (1907-2000).
Queen Victoria
Princess Feodora
A Coburg descendant numerous times over, Princess Nadia zu Leiningen descends from both Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom (1819-1901) and the queen's older half-sister Princess Feodore zu Leiningen, Fürstin zu Hohenlohe-Langenberg (1807-1872).
Our congratulations to Nadia and Ian and their families on the occasion of their wedding!

Saturday, July 18, 2020

The Marriage of Princess Beatrice of York & Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi: A Welcome Royal Wedding in 2020

Yesterday, 17 July 2020, Princess Beatrice of York married Edoardo "Edo" Mapelli Mozzi at a private ceremony in Windsor. The wedding took place Friday morning at The Royal Chapel of All Saints at Royal Lodge. Princess Beatrice wore a vintage dress by Norman Hartnell that had previously been worn by the Queen as well as the Queen Mary diamond fringe tiara, both belonging to Her Majesty The Queen. The tiara was worn by the Queen on her wedding day in 1947.
The new date of the royal wedding was not announced in advance, and Buckingham Palace said the ceremony was "small." Fewer than twenty people attended the wedding, surely making this one of the most intimate British royal weddings ever. According to reports, the marriage was attended by the following: the Queen; the Duke of Edinburgh; the Duke of York and Sarah, Duchess of York (parents of the bride; Princess Eugenie (who served as her sister's maid of honour) and her husband Jack Brooksbank; Count Alex Mapelli Mozzi (the groom's father, who flew in from France for the event); Nicola Williams-Ellis and her husband David (the groom's mother and stepfather); Natalia Yeomans and her husband Tod (the groom's sister and brother-in-law) with their children Coco and Freddie; as well as four year-old Wolfie Mapelli Mozzi, Edo's son and Beatrice's stepson, who served as his father's best man. Canon Martin Poll, the Queen's domestic chaplain, officiated at the wedding. The church was decorated with pink and white delphiniums, roses, waxflower and hydrangeas from Windsor Great Park. Beatrice carried a bouquet of trailing jasmine, pale pink and cream sweet peas, royal porcelain ivory spray roses, pink O'Hara garden roses, pink waxflower, baby pink astilbe and sprigs of myrtle. During the thirty-minute service, Sarah, Duchess of York, and Nicola Williams-Ellis read the bride and groom's favourite poems: I Carry You In My Heart by e.e. cummings and Shakespeare's Sonnet 116.
The Queen, aged 94, and the Duke of Edinburgh, aged 99, have been isolating at Windsor since March; the wedding is believed to be the first time that the couple have attended a family gathering since the UK lockdown began. Later on Friday, the Queen knighted Captain Sir Tom Moore, the 100-year-old who raised millions of pounds for NHS charities After the investiture, the Queen told the Sir Tom Moore: "My granddaughter got married this morning. Both Philip and I managed to get there - very nice."
Edo Mapelli Mozzi and Princess Beatrice began dating in Fall 2018. They became engaged during a weekend trip to Italy in September 2019. Their families have known one another for quite awhile. Beatrice and Edo are believed to have started a relationship after meeting again at Princess Eugenie's wedding to Jack Brooksbank in 2018. On the occasion of Edo and Bea's engagement, the following statement was released by Buckingham Palace on 26 September 2019:
The Duke and Duchess of York are delighted to announce the engagement of Her Royal Highness Princess Beatrice of York to Mr. Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi. 
Her Royal Highness and Mr. Mapelli Mozzi became engaged while away for the weekend in Italy earlier this month. 
The wedding will take place in 2020. Further details will be announced in due course. 
Princess Beatrice and Mr. Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi said, “We are extremely happy to be able to share the news of our recent engagement. We are both so excited to be embarking on this life adventure together and can’t wait to be married. We share so many similar interests and values and we know this will stand us in great stead for the years ahead, full of love and happiness.” 
The Duke and Duchess of York said, “We are thrilled that Beatrice and Edoardo have got engaged, having watched their relationship develop with pride. We are the lucky parents of a wonderful daughter who has found her love and companion in a completely devoted friend and loyal young man. We send them every good wish for a wonderful family future.” 
Mrs. Nikki Williams-Ellis and Mr. Alessandro Mapelli Mozzi said, “We are truly delighted about Edoardo and Beatrice’s engagement. Our family has known Beatrice for most of her life. Edo and Beatrice are made for each other, and their happiness and love for each other is there for all to see. They share an incredibly strong and united bond, their marriage will only strengthen what is already a wonderful relationship.”
Princess Beatrice "Bea" Elizabeth Mary of York (b.8 August 1988) is the eldest daughter of Prince Andrew, Duke of York (b.19 February 1960), and his former wife Sarah, Duchess of York (b.15 October 1959; née Ferguson). Princess Beatrice is ninth in theline of succession to the British throne. The princess works for Afiniti, an artificial intelligence software firm, where she is the vice president of partnerships and strategy. Edoardo "Edo" Alessandro Mapelli-Mozzi (b.19 November 1983) is the son of Count Alessandro "Alex" Mapelli-Mozzi (b.7 May 1951) and his former wife Nicola "Nikki" Diana Burrows (b.February 1956). Edo is a property developer. From a previous relationship with Dara Huang, Edo has a son, Christopher Woolf "Wolfie" Mapelli Mozzi (b.28 March 2016).
All of our best wishes to Princess Beatrice and Edoardo on the occasion of their marriage!

100 Years Since the Suicide of Prince Joachim of Prussia

Prince Joachim of Prussia
On the evening of Saturday, 17 July 1920, Prince Joachim of Prussia shot himself in the left breast while in his room at the Villa Liegnitz in Potsdam. The prince was taken to St. Joseph's Hospital, where he was pronounced dead on Sunday, 18 July, at 1:00am as a result of his wounds. His brother Prince Friedrich Eitel of Prussia issued a formal statement that said Joachim's death was the result of "psychic disturbances caused by the pressure of events and personal difficulties." Joachim was twenty-nine years-old; the prince was the youngest son of the German Emperor and Empress and the first of their children to die.
The funeral for Prince Joachim of Prussia was held on Tuesday, 20 July 1920, at the Protestant Church of Peace (Friedenskirche) in Potsdam. The rites were attended by Prince Eitel Friedrich, Prince Adalbert, Prince August Wilhelm, Prince Oskar, Duke Albert of Schleswig-Holstein, and General Paul von Hindenberg, among others.
Prince Joachim Franz Hubert of Prussia was born at Berlin on 17 December 1890. The prince was the sixth son of Wilhelm II and his wife Auguste Viktoria. Joachim had followed five older brothers: Crown Prince Wilhelm (1882-1951), Prince Eitel Friedrich (1883-1942), Prince Adalbert (1884-1948), Prince August Wilhelm (1887-1949), and Prince Oskar (1888-1958). The final addition to the family was Princess Viktoria Luise (1892-1980).
Prince Joachim and Princess Marie Auguste
On 11 March 1916, Prince Joachim of Prussia married Princess Marie Auguste of Anhalt (1898-1983) at Schloß Bellevue. The princess was the daughter of Duke Eduard of Anhalt (1861-1918) and Princess Luise of Saxe-Altenburg (1873-1953). Nine months after their wedding, Joachim and Marie Auguste welcomed their only child: Prince Karl Franz Joseph of Prussia (Potsdam 15 December 1916-Arica, Chile 22 January 1975). In January 1920, it was reported that divorce proceedings were underway between Prince Joachim and Princess Marie Auguste.

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Crown Prince Alexander of Serbia Celebrates His 75th Birthday!

Belgrade, 17 July 2020
Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine would like to share “My birthday wish that came true”, the 75th birthday film: 
His Royal Highness’s special wish for his 75th birthday is that this COVID-19 virus go away forever and that everyone be safe and take good care during these very difficult times. His Royal Highness hopes that all countries economies recover as soon as possible and that everyone has a better future.
We wish HRH The Crown Prince many happy returns of the day!

The 80th Birthday of Marina Karella: Greek Artist and Princess

Marina and Michael of Greece in 1965
Today, Princess Marina of Greece celebrates her eightieth birthday. Marina Karella was born in Athens on 17 July 1940 to Theodor Karella and Elli Chalikiopoulos. Marina's father, Theodor, was a textile industrialist.
Marina Karella
Between 1960-1963, Marina attended the Athens School of Fine Arts, where she was a student of the painters Yannis Tsarouchis and Oskar Kokoschka. She continued her studies at the Ecole des beaux-arts in Paris (1963-1965) and at the Kokoschka School in Salzburg.
On Monday, 19 October 1964, Prince Michael of Greece and Denmark received permission from his cousin King Constantine II of the Hellenes to marry Marina Karella. Prince Michael, born at Rome on 7 January 1939, was the only child of Prince Christopher of Greece and Denmark (1888-1940) and Princess Françoise d'Orléans (1900-1953), who had married in 1929. Marina and Michael set their wedding for February 1965. 
Prince Michael of Greece and Denmark and Marina Karella were married at Athens on 7 February 1965. The wedding was attended by King Constantine II and Queen Anne-Marie, Queen Mother Frederica, Princess Irene, as well as by the Count and Countess of Paris. Henri and Isabelle had largely raised Michael after the early death of his mother. As a result of the morganatic union between Michael and Marina, the prince gave up his rights of succession to the Greek throne.
Prince Michael, Princess Marina, Princess Alexandra, and Princess Olga. 
Princess Marina and Prince Michael of Greece.
Prince Michael and Princess Marina have two children, both daughters. Princess Alexandra Elli Francisca Maria of Greece was born at Athens on 15 October 1968. Three years later, she was joined by a younger sister, Princess Olga Isabella of Greece, who was born at Athens on 17 November 1971. 
Marina divided her time between Athens and Paris. Her artistic career began in 1966 when she presented her first painting at the Two Worlds Festival in Italy. Marina's work was first exhibited at the Galleria Levi in Milan in 1971. In the 1970s, she exhibited at the Gallery Iolas her white paintings, which are now considered one of the most famous pieces of her work. She later worked on plaster, marble, and metal engravings. During her residence in New York in the 1980s, her paintings were characterised as "darker", while her most recent works are portraits or images inspired by nature.
Princess Marina of Greece has had exhibitions in various cities around the world, such as New York, Los Angeles, Madrid, Brussels, Rome, and London, and her works are exhibited in major museums and institutions. She has had more than thirty solo exhibitions in Greece and abroad. In 2005 a retrospective exhibition of her work was organized at the Benaki Museum.
Princess Marina and Prince Michael of Greece with their daughters, sons-in-law, and grandchildren. 
In 1998, Marina's elder daughter Princess Alexandra of Greece married Nicolas Mirzayantz (b.1963). Alexandra and Nicolas have two children: Tigran (b.2000) and Darius (b.2002). In 2008, Marina's younger daughter Princess Olga of Greece married Prince Aimone of Savoy, Duke of Aosta (b.1967). Olga and Aimone have three children: Umberto (b.2009), Amedeo (b.2011), and Isabella (b.2012). 
Princess Marina and her husband live between their homes in Paris and Patmos. 
To learn more about Marina Karella, one may visit her website: Official website of Marina Karella

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