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Seth B. Leonard.
Seth B. Leonard was born in Greenville, South Carolina, a state that his family has inhabited since the 1700s. In his youth, he developed a passion for European history as well as that of Colonial America. He has slowly but surely morphed into an armchair historian since that time.
In the meanwhile, he has studied business and global supply chain management at the University of South Carolina (B.S.) and counselling psychology the University of San Francisco (M.A.). He is the editor and publisher of Let Me Remember: The Poetry of Sara J. Leach (2016). This is a tome of verses authored by his great-great-aunt. Seth is also a Contributing Writer and Editor at the European Royal History Journal and has had the opportunity to edit several of Eurohistory's books on the royal families of Europe. In 2017, Seth was honoured to be made a Knight of the Royal House of Portugal by HRH The Duke of Bragança.
You can follow Seth on Twitter to keep up with Eurohistory's royal postings.

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