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The Lost Princess of Brazil: Maria de Orleans e Bragança

Pedro Henrique and Maria Elisabeth
Among royal genealogy enthusiasts, Prince Pedro Henrique of Orleans-Bragança and Princess Maria Elisabeth of Bavaria are well-known for the large family they produced. The couple married in 1937. Between the years 1938 and 1959, Pedro Henrique and Maria Elisabeth welcomed thirteen children, including one set of twins.

Death certificate of Princess Maria of Orleans-Bragança
However, it was only last year that the existence of the thirteenth child, a daughter, was discovered. On 28 September 1946, Princess Maria of Orleans-Bragança was born at Rio de Janeiro. Maria was her parents' sixth child and second daughter. Sadly, Maria died the day she was born, after living only ten hours. The princess was born prematurely as a result of placenta praevia, which resulted in her death. Maria was buried at the Cemitério São João Baptista in Rio. She was the second of her parents' offspring to be born in Brazil.

The Brazilian imperial couple with their first five children.
Photograph (c) Casa Imperial do Brasil
The discovery of Maria's existence was made by Samuel Duarte Cavalcante Filho, which he then kindly shared with other genealogists. Dino Sobral then provided the information on a forum devoted to royal and noble genealogy. Thank you very much to both Samuel and Dino for bringing this to light.

Pedro Henrique and Maria Elisabeth with their twelve surviving children.
Photograph (c) Casa Imperial do Brasil
As a recap, Prince Pedro Henrique and Princess Maria Elisabeth of Orleans-Bragança, who might have been the Emperor and Empress of Brazil, were the parents of thirteen children in total:

  1. Prince Luíz Gastão (b.1938)
  2. Prince Eudes (b.1939)
  3. Prince Bertrand (b.1941)
  4. Princess Isabel (1944 - 2017)
  5. Prince Pedro (b.1945)
  6. Princess Maria (1946 - 1946)
  7. Prince Fernando (b.1948)
  8. Prince Antônio (b.1950)
  9. Princess Leonor (b.1953)
  10. Prince Francisco (b.1955)
  11. Prince Alberto (b.1957)
  12. Princess Maria Tereza (b.1959)
  13. Princess Maria Gabriela (b.1959)

Twenty-one years separate the birth of Prince Luíz, the current Head of the Imperial House, and his twin sisters, Princesses Tereza and Lelli.

Bulgarian Royals Remember Queen Giovanna Twenty Years After Her Passing

King Simeon, Queen Margarita, Alexandra Chrobok, Jorge de Magalhães, and their children.
Photograph (c) HM King Simeon II of the Bulgarians
Members of the Bulgarian royal family recently gathered in Assisi, Italy, to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of the death of Queen Giovanna of Bulgaria.

Queen Giovanna of Bulgaria in 1937
Born a Princess of Savoy, Giovanna was a daughter of King Vittorio Emanuele III and Queen Elena of Italy. In 1930, Giovanna married King Boris III of Bulgaria, who died prematurely in 1943. The couple had two children: King Simeon II and Princess Marie Louise. Queen Giovanna of Bulgaria died in Portugal on 26 February 2000; she was ninety-two years-old.

Photograph (c) HM King Simeon II of the Bulgarians
On 26 February, King Simeon and Queen Margarita of Bulgaria were joined at Assisi by the king's niece Alexandra Chrobok, Alexandra's husband Jorge de Magalhães, and their three children.

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Opinion: Margarita of Romania Must Bring Peace, Reconciliation, & Unity to Her Family

Princess Margarita of Romania Must Bring Unity to Her Family or Face Failure as the Head of the Royal House.

By Seth B. Leonard

[Note: The opinions expressed in this post are those of the author alone.]

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On 7 November 2017, King Michael of Romania lay dying in his residence at Aubonne, Switzerland. Members of the king's family traveled to his Swiss home to be by his side. Of Michael's five daughters, all but one (Irina) was able to visit him. Of the king's five grandchildren, only one (Nicholas) attempted to see his grandfather.

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Alas, Michael's eldest daughter Margarita was present at the residence, and, for reasons known only to her, she behaved in a most hawkish manner towards her nephew. Those present at the Aubonne residence denied Nicholas the opportunity to say goodbye to his grandfather. Margarita was the guardian of her father and had become a Swiss citizen in June 2017. Following Nicholas' rebuffed hope of seeing his grandfather, Margarita's press office in Bucharest issued a statement alleging that her nephew had "physically and verbally assaulted staff." It was announced that Margarita had filed a complaint with the Swiss police against her nephew and godson. To this day, Margarita continues her frivolous legal suit against her nephew, despite the fact that the three main witnesses in the case have withdrawn their initial statements supporting Margarita's accusations. Nicholas' response to this devastating event was very simple and heartfelt: "I am deeply saddened, and I do not understand the aggressiveness of the Royal House in doing everything possible to prevent me see from seeing my grandfather and to discredit my image. I am not going to enter into this dirty game. I will choose to respect my grandfather in these difficult moments, because it is necessary, and Christian. I came as the grandson of the King, and I just wanted to see him." However, this cold behaviour from the household at Elisabeta Palace had been experienced by other members of the Romanian royal family as well.

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On 2 March 2016, Margarita of Romania assumed the title of Custodian of the Romanian Crown and announced that she would officially be taking over her father's duties. In actuality, the princess had been acting in this capacity for some years. In this same communiqué, the public relations team at Elisabeta Palace, headquarters for Princess Margarita and her husband Radu, finally made public that King Michael was suffering from cancer. In fact, His Majesty had already received this diagnosis in 2015. The Custodian of the Crown's staff in Bucharest has not always been completely truthful when Romanians desired news of the wellbeing and health of their king and queen.

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As aforementioned, it was clear by March 2016 that King Michael and Queen Anne of Romania were both in ill health. At this point, one of the couple's grandchildren took to a public forum to comment on the issues that were faced by family members who were not in favour with the Custodian of the Crown and her consort. Angelica de Roumanie Kreuger, the only daughter of Princess Irina of Romania, wrote: "I'm sure as long as his grandchildren from Irina are allowed to visit they will. I know the king has meet [sic] his first great-grand child but so far no others." The same day, Angelica left the following insightful comment: "I'm sure if the royal family was more family oriented then the family would be closer." When I posited that Queen Anne seemed to have been the unifying force trying to keep the family together, her granddaughter replied: "Yes, unfortunately the daughters didn't get along for many years. Just sad that it made the grandchildren so distant. Hopefully the family will find a way to keep together for the next generation." These comments from Angelica Kreuger made it clear that a number of the family members of King Michael and Queen Anne were kept from seeing their loved ones.

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On 1 August 2016, Queen Anne of Romania passed away at Morges, Switzerland. She was ninety-two years-old. In poor health for some years, and dealing with dementia, the ultimate cause of the queen's death was lung cancer, according to several private sources close to the royal household. However, Elisabeta Palace made no mention of the queen's illness. Indeed, they made a concerted effort to quash sources who knew of Queen Anne's cancer in an attempt to keep this knowledge from the Romanian public. [Like her cousin Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, Queen Anne of Romania was an inveterate smoker and quite fond of Marlboros. Anne once endearingly quipped: "The only way I could ever stop smoking is if they hypnotized me into thinking I had never had a cigarette in my life."]

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The Custodian of the Romanian Crown does not appear to have extended an invitation to all of her sisters, nieces, and nephews to be present to bid farewell to the last Romanian Queen, who was born a Princess of Bourbon-Parma. To illustrate this point, Anne's granddaughter Angelica Kreuger again weighed in on the situation: "I'm sure in this horrible time Irina and her children will likely not attend to spare and [add] more stress to the family. [This is] due to past issues, since grief can make unresolved issues come to light. Right now, people need to realize that this woman wasn't just a Queen, she was a mother and grandmother. While the country grieves for their loss of a Queen the family grieves for the family. Anne's loss will be felt in everyone who knew her. A little light has dimmed in the world, but it is our duty as people to keep her light bright and remember what she stood for. Especially in this world, we live to make it brighter, not darker." Given this commentary, it should not come as a surprise that neither Princess Irina nor her two children were guests at the funeral of Queen Anne of Romania on 13 August 2016 at Bucharest.

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Aged ninety-six, King Michael of Romania died on 5 December 2017 at Aubonne, Switzerland. His funeral was held in Bucharest on 16 December. All five of his daughters were in attendance: the Princesses Margarita, Helen, Irina, Sophie, and Marie. Of his five grandchildren, only two were present: Nicholas of Romania with his wife, Alina-Maria, as well as his sister Karina. The Custodian of the Crown again made a public point of sidelining her family. When King Michael's coffin was transported from Bucharest to Curtea de Argeş aboard the Royal Train, Margarita did not allow her nephew and his wife to be onboard the train with the rest of the family. However, the princess managed to make space for her brother-in-law, Dr. Dan Duda.

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The rapid disintegration of the Romanian royal family is rather mind-boggling. In 2007, King Michael of Romania introduced the Fundamental Rules: this act abolished Salic succession and allowed for his five daughters and five grandchildren to become dynasts and to succeed, should their time ever arrive, as Head of the Royal House. In April 2010, in accordance with His Majesty's express wishes, the King witnessed his grandson take up his role as HRH Prince Nicholas of Romania during a ceremony in Bucharest. During his time as an active member of the royal family, Prince Nicholas carried out hundreds of engagements on behalf of the Romanian royal house.

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The first signs of turbulence arrived on 29 October 2014, when Princess Irina of Romania and her two children were unceremoniously stripped of their place in the line of succession. In January 2015, Princess Marie of Romania relocated from her home in the United States to her father's country, and she eventually began public engagements. On 10 August 2015, Prince Nicholas of Romania was suddenly stripped of his position. The royal house thus lost its most popular and viable hope for the future. In the fall of 2018, Princess Sophie of Romania and her daughter Elisabeta left their home in France so that Sophie could take up a supporting role in Casa Regala. By the end of 2019, anonymous sources alleged that Princess Marie had stepped back from her role as an active member of the royal house - Marie has since returned to carrying out duties. At this point, the Custodian of the Crown has whittled down the royal house to one other member, Princess Sophie. Yet, even Sophie's position is not without difficulty, as sources have alleged that her daughter Elisabeta is having difficulties adjusting to life in Romania. Last, but not least, Princess Helen of Romania has always maintained her residence in the United Kingdom, and there has been no indication that Helen ever intends to be a part of Romanian public life. Despite being Margarita's direct heiress, Helen only appears in the country for certain family events and, otherwise, rarely travels to Romania.

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Many might think that 2020 has been another annus horribilis for the British royal family. Arguably, 2020 could prove to be the ultimate horrible year for the Romanian royals. If Princess Margarita finds herself incapable of unifying her family, then she is likely to go down in royal history as an abject failure as a Head of a Royal House. It is the duty of the Custodian of the Romanian Crown to guarantee the future of the dynasty. In the spirit of Christian reconciliation, it is her responsibility to bring together her sisters, her nephews, and her nieces, in order that they can all strive to perpetuate the legacy of the Kings and Queen of Romania into future generations. Margarita of Romania must embrace the maxim, "Duty first, self second." If the Margarita is unable to adapt her behaviour, then her tenure as Head of the Romanian Royal House will not be looked upon kindly by history.

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At the thirtieth birthday party for Prince Nicholas in April 2015, his aunt Margarita gave this toast in tribute to Nicholas' dedication to Romania: "Both Prince Radu and I are very proud of Nicolae, who is like our spiritual son (…) The country hasn’t adopted him much yet, but he already adopted Romania, even if he wasn’t born here. And this is just wonderful." Chapter III, Article 11 of the Fundamental Rules of the Romanian Royal House reads: "The Head of the Royal House of Romania governs the family as a good parent." The Custodian of the Crown would do well to start acting like a caring godmother, sister, and aunt if she is to honour the legacy of King Michael and Queen Anne. Nihil sine Deo.

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Princess Traute of Lippe Celebrates Her 95th Birthday!

Princess Traute of Lippe.
Photograph (c) Presse-Foto-Seeger.
Today, 16 February 2020, Princess Traute of Lippe marks her ninety-fifth birthday.

Princess Traute and Prince Armin of Lippe in 1997.
Photograph (c) Presse-Foto-Seeger.
The princess was born Traute Becker on 16 February 1925 at Hänigsen, Germany. She was the daughter of Gustav Becker (1893-1963) and Charlotte Meyer (1893-1978), who had married in 1922.

Prince Armin and Princess Traute of Lippe in 1997.
Photograph (c) Presse-Foto-Seeger.
Armin's parents: Fürst Leopold IV zur Lippe and Fürstin Anna.
In March 1953, Traute Becker married Prince Armin of Lippe (Detmold 18 August 1924-Detmold 20 August 2015). Armin was the only son of Fürst Leopold IV of Lippe (1871-1949) and his second wife Princess Anna zu Isenburg und Büdingen in Büdingen (1886-1980), who wed in 1922. Six years after their wedding, Traute and Armin welcomed their only child, a son: Hereditary Prince Stephan (b.Detmold 24 May 1959).

Princess Traute and Prince Armin of Lippe with son Prince Stephan, daughter-in-law Princess Maria, and their three grandsons: Prince Bernhard, Prince Heinrich, and Prince Wilhelm. (January 2000)
Photograph (c) Presse-Foto-Seeger.
In October 1994, Traute's son Prince Stephan of Lippe married Countess Maria zu Solms-Laubach. Born in 1968, Princess Maria of Lippe is the daughter of Count Otto zu Solms-Laubach (1926-1973) and Princess Madeleine zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg (b.1936), who married in 1958. Stephan and Maria gave Traute and Armin five grandchildren: Bernhard (b.1995), Heinrich (b.1997), Wilhelm (b.1999), Luise (b.2001), and Mathilde (b.2003). Traute's son Stephan succeeded as the Head of House Lippe in 2015 when Prince Armin passed away.

Princess Traute of Lippe lives in Detmold. We wish the Princess many happy returns of the day!

Alexander von Preußen Marries Jenny von Rumohr On Saint Valentine's Day

Note: Thank you to my friend Hein Bruins of Hein's Royal Genealogy Page for providing this information!

Valentine's Day newlyweds: Alexander von Preußen and Jenny von Rumohr
On Friday, 14 February 2020, Alexander Prinz von Preußen, eldest son of Prince Adalbert of Prussia and Eva Maria Kudicke, was married in a civil ceremony at Munich to Jenny von Rumohr, the elder daughter of Joachim von Rumohr and Baroness Amélie von Holzing-Berstett.

14 June 1981: The wedding of Prince Adalbert of Prussia and Eva Maria Kudicke
Photograph (c) Alamy / Wolfgang Kühn
Born on 3 October 1984, Alexander Friedrich Wilhelm Victor Marcus Prinz von Preußen is the eldest of the three sons of Prince Adalbert of Prussia (b.1948) and Eva Maria Kudicke (b.1951). Adalbert and Eva Maria married in 1981. Their three sons are Alexander and the twins Christian and Philipp (b.1986). Alex von Preußen is a Senior Director at Holtzbrinck Digital in Munich. In 2006, the prince graduated from Bocconi University, where he studied international economics. He then went on to receive his masters in International Business from Maastricht University in 2009.

Jenny von Rumohr
Born on 15 December 1985, Jenny Charlotte von Rumohr is the elder of the two daughters of Joachim von Rumohr (b.1950) and Baroness Amélie von Holzing-Berstett (b.1959). Joachim and Amélie married in 1983. The couple's daughters are Jenny and Elena (b.1987). Jenny von Rumohr is the Head of the Migration Office for Bavaria and Thuringia at the nonprofit organisation Malteser Deutschland GmbH. She received a bachelors in European studies from Maastricht University in 2008. Jenny then went on to receive her masters in International Peace and Security from King's College London.

Margrave Friedrich VII Magnus of Baden-Durlach
Princess Augusta Maria of Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorp, Margravine of Baden-Durlach
Alex von Preußen and Jenny von Rumohr are very distantly related: the couple are tenth cousins, to be precise. Alex and Jenny both descend from Margrave Friedrich VII Magnus of Baden-Durlach (1647-1709) and Princess Augusta Maria of Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorp (1649-1728). Alex von Preußen is a descendant of Friedrich and Augusta's daughter Margravine Katharina of Baden-Durlach (1677-1746), who married Count Johann Friedrich von Leiningen (1661-1722). Jenny von Rumohr is a descendant of Friedrich and Augusta's son Margrave Karl III Wilhelm of Baden-Durlach (1679-1738), who married Duchess Magdalene Wilhelmine of Württemberg (1677-1742).

Christmas and New Year Greetings from Romania!

Each year, many of us send Christmas cards to cherished family and friends. Oftentimes, for those of us who are royal enthusiasts, we also mail letters containing good wishes to royals around the world whom we admire. This year, my favourite over-the-seas Christmas card came from Nicholas and Alina-Maria of Romania. They are a very kind couple - dedicated to charitable endeavours and devoted to their country. Nicholas is the grandson of King Michael and Queen Anne of Romania. Nicholas and Alina married in 2018 at Sinaia in what was the first royal wedding in Romania since that of Princess Ileana, the great-great-aunt of Nicholas, in 1931. Last year, Nicholas and Alina founded the Asociatia Principele Nicolae (Prince Nicholas Association), a nonprofit organisation that aims to continue the mission started by his ancestors, the kings and queens of Romania. Nicholas and Alina are focused in furthering historical and ecological projects. I hope that 2020 brings Nicholas and Alina all the best: they certainly deserve it!

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To learn more about the Prince Nicholas Association, you can visit this link: Asociatia Principele Nicolae

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Gone Too Soon: Doña Cristina de Borbón y Hardenberg (1975-2020), a Cousin of the Spanish King

Doña Cristina de Borbón y Hardenberg (1975-2020)

Doña Cristina de Borbón y Hardenberg
Doña Cristina de Borbón y Hardenberg died on Thursday, 13 February 2020, at Madrid. She had been admitted to the Puerto de Hierro hospital following an accident which led to her passing. Cristina was forty-four years-old. She was surrounded by her immediate family as she left this world. In addition to her parents, Cristina was extremely close to her sister Olivia, her brother Francisco, and their children. She will be terribly missed by all who knew her.

Announcement of the birth of doña Cristina de Borbón y Hardenberg in September of 1975.
Born at Madrid on 2 September 1975, doña Cristina Elena de Borbón y Hardenberg was the middle child of Francisco, Duke of Seville, and his first wife Countess Beatrice von Hardenberg. Cristina's parents had married in 1973. Cristina had one sister, Olivia (b.1974), and one brother, Francisco (b.1979).

Cristina and her mum Beatrice
Initially, Cristina studied Communications at the College for International Studies in Madrid. She then switched her focus to tourism and hospitality. Cristina moved to New York City, and enrolled at the Institute of Culinary Education. After finishing studies there, Cristina interned at a number of high-end restaurants. She went on to found her own catering company in Spain. A great lover of humankind's best friend, Cristina was particularly fond of pugs.

Left to right: Countess Beatrice von Hardenberg, Hans Clarin, Cristina de Borbón, Count Hubertus von Hardenberg, Countess Christa von Hardenberg, Olivia de Borbón, with Princess Maria Josepha zu Fürstenberg in the front. (1997)
Photograph (c) Presse-Foto-Seeger
Cristina was the paternal granddaughter of Francisco de Paula de Borbón y Borbón (1912-1995) and Enriqueta Escasany y Miquel (1925-1962). Cristina's maternal grandparents were Count Günther von Hardenberg (1918-1985) and Princess Maria Josepha zu Fürstenberg (1922-2008). Cristina was a fifth cousin of King Felipe VI of Spain.

Several of Cristina's friends gave brief comments to the press outside the funeral home: "[She was] a great girl, so young... She was heavenly, she was super sweet, good, very fragile. A marvellous person." Another friend said, "I will remember her as one of the best people that I have ever known." Luis Alfonso de Borbón and his wife Margarita also visited Tanatorio Parque de San Isidro, where Cristina is resting in peace.

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May her memory be a blessing.


Ancestry of Doña Cristina de Borbón y Hardenberg

1. Doña Cristina Elena de Borbón y Hardenberg (Madrid 2 September 1975-Madrid 13 February 2020)


2. Don Francisco de Paula de Borbón y Escasany, 5. Duque de Sevilla (b.Madrid 16 November 1943)
who married at Baden on 7 July 1973 (divorced 1989)
3. Countess Beatrice von Hardenberg (b.Donaueschingen 28 June 1947)


4. Don Francisco de Paula de Borbón y de Borbón (Santander 16 November 1912-Madrid 15 November 1995)
who married at Madrid on 4 November 1941
5. Doña Enriqueta Escasany y Miguel (Malaga 13 October 1925-Madrid 16 May 1962)
6. Count Günther von Hardenberg (14 February 1918-Baden 19 January 1985)
who married at Donaueschingen on 27 February 1943
7. Princess Maria Josepha zu Fürstenberg (Werenwag 23 April 1922-7 July 2008)


8. Don Francisco de Borbón y La Torre (Madrid 16 January 1882-Madrid 6 December 1952)
who married on 21 August 1907
9. Doña Enriqueta de Borbón y Parade, IV. Duquesa de Sevilla (Madrid 28 June 1885-Valencia 5 November 1968)
10. Don Ignacio Escasany y Auzeill (d.Madrid 14 November 1973)
who married
11. Enriqueta de Miguel y Mas, 2. Marquesa de Pobla de Claramunt
12. Count Eberhard von Hardenberg (Charlottenburg 26 September 1889-Überlingen 30 April 1983)
who married at Wernigerode on 23 September 1913
13. Christa Maria von Dülong (Magdeburg 24 December 1893-Baden 28 October 1983)
14. Prince Maximilian Egon zu Fürstenberg (Praha [modern day Prague], Bohemia 31 March 1896-Donaueschingen 6 April 1959)
who married at Wechselburg on 18 January 1921
15. Countess Wilhemine von Schönburg-Glauchau (Glauchau 17 October 1902-Biberach an der Riss 25 September 1964)

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The Most Recent QVD Marriage: A Valentine's Day Wedding for a Prinz von Preußen

Note: A big thank you to my dear friend Hein Bruins of Hein's Royal Genealogy Page for providing this information.

Valentine's Day newlyweds: Alexander von Preußen and his wife
Today, 14 February 2020, Prince Alexander of Prussia was married in a civil ceremony. The name of his wife is not yet known. Alexander's branch of the Prussian royal family is very private.

Princess Eva Maria, Princess Marie Antoinette, and Prince Adalbert of Prussia in 1997.
Photograph (c) Presse-Foto-Seeger
Born on 3 October 1984, Alexander is the eldest of the three sons of Prince Adalbert of Prussia (b.1948) and Eva Maria Kudicke (b.1951). Adalbert and Eva Maria married in 1981. Their children are Prince Alexander and the twin Princes Christian and Philipp (b.3 July 1986). Alex von Preußen is a Senior Director at Holtzbrinck Digital in Munich. The prince studied economics at Bocconi University and then went on to receive his masters in International Business from Maastricht University in Belgium.

Embed from Getty Images

Prince Alexander of Prussia's paternal grandparents were Prince Wilhelm Viktor of Prussia (1919-1989) and Countess Marie Antoinette Hoyos (1920-2004). Alexander's paternal great-grandparents were Prince Adalbert of Prussia (1884-1948) and Princess Adelheid of Saxe-Meiningen (1891-1971). Prince Alexander is a great-great-grandson of German Emperor Wilhelm II.

Embed from Getty Images

Through his descent from Wilhelm II, Alexander von Preußen (b.1984) is a great-great-great-great-grandson of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom (1819-1901).

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Book Your Place at the Royal Gatherings in London 2020: April 18-19!

Dear All,

This year’s Royal Gatherings in London will take place on 18th & 19th April 2020.

As usual it will take place in the auction room of Spink at 67-69 Southampton Row, Bloomsbury, London, WC1B 4ET.

Here is the list of who will be speaking at the conference :-

Hugo Vickers -- Departing Dukes: Windsor (1936) & Sussex (2020)
Susan Symons -- Schlößer in South Germany
Martyn Downer -- Sir Howard Elphinstone: "The Queen's Knight"
Coryne Hall -- Sixty Years of Mutual Mistrust: Queen Victoria's relationship with the Romanovs and Russia
Seth B. Leonard -- At Peace at Last: Royal Reburials
Gert-Juergen -- Schloß Glücksburg and the House of Glücksburg
Colin Parrish -- Princess Elizabeth: The Artistic Daughter of George III
Seth B. Leonard -- Children of Umberto II and Marie José
Bobby Golden -- English Royal Funerals
Arturo Beeche -- Louis XIV's Legitimated Sons

To book your place please email me at

The cost in Sterling is £140 to include lectures plus tea & coffee.

Whilst in London, you might also want to take the opportunity to see the exhibition “George IV: Art & Spectacle” at The Queen’s Gallery next to Buckingham Palace.

Best wishes,


Arturo Beéche, Publisher
The EuroHistory Journal
Kensington House Books
6300 Kensington Avenue
East Richmond Heights CA 94805-1618
Phone: 510-236-1730

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Going To The Chapel: Two Royal Weddings On The Horizon In May!

Two royal weddings will be taking place in May 2020. Both of the brides are princesses of the blood in their respective dynasties; indeed, they are third cousins. Beatrice of York and Theodora of Greece are descendants of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom (1819-1901), King Christian IX of Denmark (1818-1906), and King George I of the Hellenes (1845-1913).

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The first royal wedding will be between Princess Beatrice of York and Count Edoardo Mapelli-Mozzi. The couple announced their engagement in September 2019.

Embed from Getty Images

H.R.H. Princess Beatrice "Bea" Elizabeth Mary of York (b.1988) is the eldest daughter of the Duke of York (b.1960) and his former wife Sarah, Duchess of York (b.1959; née Ferguson). Count Edoardo "Edo" Mapelli-Mozzi (b.1985) is the son of Alessandro "Alex" Mapelli-Mozzi (b.1951) and his former wife Nicola Burrows (b.1956).

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The Royal Family released a statement today confirming that Beatrice and Edoardo will marry on Friday, 29 May at the Chapel Royal, St James Palace. After the ceremony, the Queen will host a reception for the couple at Buckingham Palace. Furthermore, Beatrice's wedding will not be broadcast live via TV - unlike her sister Eugenie's marriage to Jack Brooksbank in 2018.

Here is the full communiqué:

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The second royal union will be between Princess Theodora of Greece and Denmark and Matthew Kumar. The couple announced their engagement in November 2018.

Embed from Getty Images

H.R.H. Princess Theodora of Greece and Denmark (b.1983) is the youngest daughter of King Constantine II of the Hellenes (b.1940) and his wife Queen Anne-Marie (b.1946; née Denmark). Matthew "Matt" Jeremiah Kumar (b.1983) is the son of Sam Kumar (b.1954; né Shalendra Kumar) and his wife Yolanda "Lonnie" (b.1953; née Richards).

Embed from Getty Images

It is believed that the Greek royal nuptials will be held on the Isle of Spetses. A decade ago, Theodora's brother Prince Nikolaos married his wife Tatiana Blatnik at Spetses in August 2010. The exact date of Theodora's wedding has not been confirmed by the Greek Royal Family. Reports have mentioned that the ceremony would take place during the last weekend of May (either Saturday, 30 May, or Sunday, 31 May). The princess and her mother Anne-Marie were photographed in January 2020 attending a London fashion show of designer Celia Krithiatori, who was chosen by Theodora to create her wedding dress.

Theodora de Grecia y Matthew Kumar ya tienen fecha y lugar para su esperada boda
Beatrice d'York bientôt mariée: comment Élisabeth II protège sa petite-fille
Princess Beatrice Will Reportedly Have Her Wedding Reception at Buckingham Palace

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Prince Peter, Future Heir to the Serbian Royal Legacy, Celebrates His Fortieth Birthday

Today, Hereditary Prince Peter of Serbia marks his fortieth birthday.

Crown Prince Alexander of Serbia and Princess Maria da Glória of Orléans-Braganza on their wedding day.
Prince Regent Paul of Yugoslavia can be seen to the far right of the photograph.
The Royal Wedding of the Karageorgevich and Orléans-Braganza.
(left to right): Prince Juan Carlos of Spain, the Count of Paris, Princess Sofía of Spain with her children (Infante Felipe, Infanta Cristina, and Infanta Elena), the Countess of Barcelona, Princess Maria da Glória, Prince Alexander, Princess Anne, King Constantine of Greece (with his children Crown Prince Pavlos and Princess Alexia in the front), Infante Alfonso of Spain, and Queen Anne-Marie of Greece.
The newlyweds: Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Maria da Glória of Serbia.
The Chicago Tribune of 6 February 1980 heralds Prince Peter's arrival.
On 5 February 1980, the prince was born at Chicago, Illinois, as the first child of Crown Prince Alexander of Serbia (b.1945) and Princess Maria da Glória of Orléans-Braganza (b.1946). Alexander and Maria da Glória had married in 1972. Their infant son's name paid tribute to both the father and mother's fathers: King Peter II of Yugoslavia (1923 - 1970) and Prince Pedro Gastão of Orléans-Braganza (1913 - 2007). At his christening, Hereditary Prince Peter received his cousin Prince Alexander of Yugoslavia (1924 - 2016), the only surviving son of Prince Regent Paul of Yugoslavia and Princess Olga (née Greece and Denmark), as his godfather.

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Peter was followed by two younger brothers: the fraternal twin princes Philip and Alexander (b.1982). In 1985, the marriage of Crown Prince Alexander and Princess Maria da Glória ended in divorce. By the end of 1985, Peter and his brothers had gained a new stepmother and stepfather. In September 1985, Crown Prince Alexander of Serbia married Katherine Clairy Batis (b.1945) at the Orthodox Church in London. In October 1985, Princess Maria da Glória married don Ignacio de Medina y Fernández de Córdoba, 19th Duke of Segorbe (b.1947). Peter gained two sister's from his mother's second marriage: Sol (b.1986) and Luna (b.1988).

Hereditary Prince Peter of Serbia
Prince Peter graduated from The King’s School Canterbury in England. There the prince obtained three A levels in Art, French and Spanish. Peter then completed an art foundation course at the Camberwell College of Arts in London. The hereditary prince then pursued studies in graphic design at the Rhode Island School of Design. It is in this field that Prince Peter currently works as a graphic design professional.
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Hereditary Prince Peter of Serbia lives in London. Although all three reside in different countries, Peter is very close to his brothers Philip and Alexander. After his father Crown Prince Alexander, Peter is first in the line of succession to the Headship of the Royal House of Serbia. Prince Peter is also in the line of succession to the British throne. The hereditary prince is often present in Serbia to support his father Crown Prince Alexander, Crown Princess Katherine, and their family in their activities.

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We wish Prince Peter many happy returns of the day!

Crown Prince Alexander of Serbia and his three sons (left to right): Hereditary Prince Peter, Prince Philip, and Prince Alexander.


The Ancestry of Hereditary Prince Peter of Serbia

1. Hereditary Prince Peter of Serbia (b.Chicago, Illinois, USA 5 February 1980)


2. Crown Prince Alexander of Serbia (b.London 17 July 1945)
who married at Villamanrique de la Condesa, Seville, Spain on 1 July 1972 (divorced 1985)
3. Princess Maria da Glória of Orléans-Braganza (b.Petrópolis 13 December 1946)


4. King Peter II of Yugoslavia (Belgrade 6 September 1923 - Denver, Colorado, USA 3 November 1970)
who married at London on 20 March 1944
5. Princess Alexandra of Greece (Athens 25 March 1921 - Burges Hills, nr Lewes 30 January 1993)
6. Prince Pedro Gastão of Orléans-Braganza (Château d'Eu 19 February 1913 - Seville 27 December 2007)
who married at Seville on 18 December 1944
7. Princess Esperanza of Bourbon-Two Sicilies (Madrid 14 June 1914 - Villamanrique de la Condesa 8 August 2005)


8. King Alexander of Yugoslavia (Cetinje, Montenegro 16 December 1888 - Marseilles 9 October 1934)
who married at Belgrade on 8 June 1922
9. Princess Marie of Romania (Gotha 8 January 1900 - London 22 June 1961)
10. King Alexander of the Hellenes (Tatoi 1 August 1893 - Athens 25 October 1920)
who married at Athens on 4 November 1919
11. Aspasia Manos (Athens 4 September 1896 - Venice 7 August 1972)
12. Prince Pedro de Alcântara of Orléans-Braganza, Prince of Grão Pará (Petrópolis 15 October 1875 - Petrópolis 29 January 1940)
who married at Versailles on 14 November 1908
13. Countess Elisabeth Dobrzensky von Dobrzenicz (Chotebor, Bohemia 7 December 1875 - Sintra, Portugal 11 June 1951)
14. Prince Carlo of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, Infante of Spain (Gries 10 November 1870 - Seville 11 November 1949)
who married 2ndly at Woodnorton, Worchester, United Kingdom on 16 November 1907
15. Princess Louise d'Orléans (Cannes 24 February 1882 - Seville 18 April 1958)