Friday, September 24, 2021

The Palermo Wedding of Prince Jaime and Princess Charlotte, Duke and Duchess of Noto!

The Duke and Duchess of Noto.
Photo (c) Real Casa di Borbone Due Sicilie.

Today, 25 September, Prince Jaime of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, Duke of Noto, and Lady Charlotte Diana Lindesay-Bethune were married at the Duomo di Monreale in Palermo, Italy. The Duke of Noto is the eldest son and heir of Prince Pedro, Duke of Calabria, and Princess Sofía, Duchess of Calabria. The Duchess of Noto is the daughter of James Randolph Lindesay-Bethune, 16th Earl of Lindsay, and the Countess of Lindsay (née Diana Mary Chamberlayne-Macdonald). 

The joint monogram of Prince Jaime and Princess Charlotte of Bourbon-Two Siclies.
Photo (c) Real Casa di Borbone Due Sicilie.

Members of the Austrian, Bulgarian, French, and Bourbon-Parma families were in attendance in addition to a large list of noble families from Italy, Sicily, Spain, and Germany. The Constantinian Order of St George ably handled the organisation of this grand royal wedding; members of the Order of Malta were on sight to provide medical service if needed. The wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Noto took place in Palermo ninety years after that of Prince Jaime's great-grandparents, the Count and Countess of Paris.

The wedding portrait of the Duke and Duchess of Noto with their families.
Photo (c) Real Casa di Borbone Due Sicilie.
After the wedding, a reception was held at the Palazzo dei Normanni. The Duke and Duchess of Noto are both descendants of King George II of Great Britain; the bride is also a descendant of King Charles II. Princess Charlotte, Duchess of Noto, wore a fringe diamond tiara with a pearl finish, which comes from her family, to match her diamond and pearl drop earrings.

The joint coat of arms of the Duke and Duchess of Noto.
Photo (c) Real Casa di Borbone Due Sicilie.

If you would like to watch footage from the royal wedding, many videos are available on the Facebook Page of the Real Circolo Francesco II di Borbone/Royal Club Francis II of Bourbon.

Our congratulations to Prince Jaime and Princess Charlotte on their wedding!


Special Details on the Civil Marriage of Grand Duke George of Russia and Princess Victoria!

Special Details on the Civil Marriage of Grand Duke George of Russia and Princess Victoria!
Photo (c) David Niviere/Abaca/Sipa USA.
Photo (c) David Niviere/Abaca/Sipa USA.
Photo (c) David Niviere/Abaca/Sipa USA.

Earlier today, HIH Grand Duke George Mikhailovich of Russia and HSH Princess Victoria Romanovna Romanoff celebrated their civil marriage in Moscow. The parents of the bride, Ambassador Roberto Bettarini and Mrs Carla Cacciatore Bettarini, were on hand for the ceremony along with other family and friends. Other guests included: Dr. Alexander N. Zakatov, Director of the Imperial Chancellery; Prince Vadim Olegovich Lopukhin, Head of the Department for Interregional Relations of the Chancellery; Stanislaw Vladimirovich Dumin, the King of Arms in the Chancellery; and Hieromonk Nikon, Head of the Office for Historical and Commemorative Events in the Chancellery.

Photo (c) David Niviere/Abaca/Sipa USA.
Photo (c) David Niviere/Abaca/Sipa USA.
Photo (c) David Niviere/Abaca/Sipa USA.

As in many countries, Russia requires that a couple have a civil ceremony in order for a marriage to be legally valid. On the marriage certificate of the imperial couple, the groom and his details was written as "George Mikhaylovich Romanov, citizen of the Russian Federation, born 13 March 1981 in the city of Madrid, Spain. Ethnicity Russian," and the bride and her details were written as "Rebecca Bettarini, citizen of Italian Republic, born 18 May 1982 in Rome. Ethnicity Italian." Rebecca Virginia Bettarini converted to the Russian Orthodox faith in July 2020 and has since been known as Victoria Romanovna Bettarini.

Photo (c) David Niviere/Abaca/Sipa USA.
Photo (c) David Niviere/Abaca/Sipa USA.
Photo (c) David Niviere/Abaca/Sipa USA.

After the civil wedding, Grand Duke George and Princess Victoria hosted a reception for their guests  at their Moscow home. The couple cut a cake and their dear dog Zhong was able to participate in that moment...though, we do not know yet if little Zhong was able to enjoy any of the tasty confection.

Photo (c) David Niviere/Abaca/Sipa USA.
Grand Duke George and Princess Victoria have been a couple for almost a decade. Their engagement was announced by Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna, Head of the Imperial House and George's mother, in January 2021. The pair will celebrate their religious wedding next week on 1 October at Saint Isaac's Cathedral.

Желаю вам обоим море счастья!


Thursday, September 23, 2021

1st Great-Grandchild for Duke and Duchess in Bavaria & Duke and Duchess of Württemberg

Maximilien and Sophie.

Duchess Sophie of Württemberg and Maximilien d’Andigné have welcomed the arrival of their first child, Olympia (b.2021). The couple married in 2018. Sophie is the daughter of Duke Philipp of Württemberg and Duchess Marie-Caroline in Bavaria. Maximilien is the son of Hervé d'Andigné and Marie-Adélaïde de La Barre de Nanteuil. Olympia d’Andigné is the first great-grandchild for Duke Carl and Duchess Diane of Württemberg as well as for Duke Max and Duchess Elizabeth in Bavaria.

Our congratulations to Maximilien and Sophie on the birth of little Olympia!

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Imperial Twins Turn 60: Archduke István and Archduchess Viridis of Austria

Archduchess Anna-Eugénie and Archduke Felix of Austria, 1952.
Photo (c) Getty Image / Keystone-France.

In 1961, Archduke Felix of Austria and his wife Archduchess Anna-Eugénie (née Princess of Arenberg) welcomed twins, the couple's sixth and seventh children, who completed their family. Archduke István Franz-Leopold Johannes Maria Rudolph Theresius Marcus d'Aviano Balthasar of Austria and Archduchess Viridis Aloisia Marie-Eleonore Elisabeth Marcus d'Aviano Caspara of Austria made their entrance on 22 September 1961 at Mexico City. István and Viridis have five older siblings: Archduchess Maria del Pilar (b.1953), Archduke Karl Philipp (b.1954), Archduchess Kinga (b.1955), Archduke Raimund (1958-2008), and Archduchess Miriam (b.1959).

István and Paola, 1993.
Archduchess Paola and Archduke István of Austria, 2019.
In 1993, Archduke István of Austria married Hungarian aristocrat Paola de Temesváry (b.1971), the daughter of Laszlo Imre de Temesváry and Maria Csilla Rozenszki. Archduke István and Archduchess Paola have three children: Archduke Andreas (b.1994), Archduke Pál (b.1997), and Archduchess Marguerite (b.1999). 

Carl and Viridis, 1990.

In 1990, Archduchess Viridis of Austria married Carl Harold William Dunning-Gribble (b.1961), the son of Sir Guy Dunning-Gribble and Carola Batsch. Archduchess Viridis and Mr. Dunning-Gribble have four children: Carl-Leopold (b.1991), Ferdinand (b.1992), Maximilian (b.1996), and Marie-Charlotte (b.2001).

Our best wishes to Archduke István and Archduchess Viridis on the occasion of their birthdays!

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Prince Philippos and Princess Nina of Greece to Wed Religiously Next Month!


In delightful news from the Greek royal family, many reports indicate that Prince Philippos of Greece and Denmark and his wife Princess Nina (née Flohr) will celebrate their religious wedding in October 2021. The couple were civilly married at St Moritz, Switzerland, on 12 December 2020. It is believed that the prince and princess might hold their religious wedding at the Metropolitan Cathedral of Athens. The last couple wedding to occur in the cathedral was that of Philippos's parents, King Constantine II of Greece and Queen Anne-Marie, who wed in 1964. Construction of the Cathedral began on Christmas Day 1842 with the laying of the cornerstone by King Otto I of Greece (né Bavaria) and Queen Amalia.

December 2020: Prince Philippos of Greece and Nina Flohr Wed in Switzerland



Monday, September 6, 2021

Count Jan Bernadotte (1941-2021)

Count Jan Bernadotte af Wisborg.

Count Jan Bernadotte af Wisborg died on 1 September 2021. He was eighty years-old.

Count Lennart Bernadotte and Karin Nissvandt, 1932.

On 9 January 1941, Count Carl Johan "Jan" Gustaf Vilhelm Bernadotte af Wisborg was born at Stockholm. He was the son of Count Lennart Bernadotte af Wisborg (1909-2004; born Prince Lennart of Sweden) and his first wife Karin Nissvandt (1911-1991). Count Jan's paternal grandparents were Prince Wilhelm of Sweden (1884-1965), Duke of Södermanland, and Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna of Russia (1890-1958). Count Jan Bernadotte is the second cousin of King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden.

Count Jan Benadotte and his first wife Gunilla Stampe.
Count Jan Bernadotte and his second wife Anna Skarne.
Photograph (c) Getty Images.
Count Jan Bernadotte and his seventh and current wife Gunilla Stenfors.
Photograph (c) Svenskdam.

The count was well-known to royal genealogists for his reputation as the "Elizabeth Taylor" of the Gotha. Jan had been married seven times. From 1965 until their divorce in 1967, Jan Bernadotte was the husband of Gunilla Stampe (1941-2010). From 1967 until their divorce in 1970, Jan was the spouse of Anna Skarne (b.1944). From 1972 until 1974, the count was married to Annegret Thomssen (b.1938). From 1974 until 1987, Jan was married to Maritta Berg (1953-2001). From 1993 until their divorce in 2004, Jan Bernadotte was the husband of Gabrielle Kick (b.1949; née Hess). From 2004 until their divorce in 2011, the count was married to Christiane Grandmontagne (b.1944), a former partner of Prince Christian-Sigismund of Prussia. Finally, in 2012, Count Jan Bernadotte wed Gunilla Stenfors (b.1957), a teacher. 

Count Jan Bernadotte.

Count Jan Bernadotte has four children, two daughters and two sons. From his second marriage to Anna Skarne, Jan has a daughter, Countess Sophia Magdalena Bernadotte af Wisborg (b.1968). From his third marriage to Annegret Thomssen, Jan has a daughter, Countess Cia-Rosemarie Bernadotte af Wisborg (b.1972). From his fourth marriage to Maritta Berg, Jan has two sons, Count Alexander Wilhelm Bernadotte af Wisborg (b.1977) and Count Stephan Bernadotte af Wisborg (b.1980).

Source: Kungens svåra sorg – släktingen Jan Bernadotte plötsligt död

May Jan Rest in Peace.
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