Friday, December 14, 2018

The Romanovs Adrift SHIPPING!!!!

Dear Readers and Subscribers,

Wirth great satisfaction, we began shipping orders our newest book, ROMANOVS ADRIFT!

The authors, Greg King and Penny Wilson, best describe their excellent work:

"Romanovs Adrift offers a biographical compendium covering all members of the Dynasty between 1913 to the escape from Russia of Grand Duchess Vladimir. Individual chapters focus on Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra; the five Imperial children; the Dowager Empress and Grand Duke Michael Alexandrovich; the Vladimirs; Grand Duchess Elisabeth Feodorovna; Grand Duke Paul Alexandrovich; Grand Duke Dimitri Pavlovich; the Konstantinovich Grand Dukes; the Nikolaievich Grand Dukes; the Mikhailovich Grand Dukes; the Russian Grand Duchesses Abroad; and the Leuchtenberg, Oldenburg, and Mecklenburg families.

Romanovs Adrift draws on both published works and on unpublished sources, including German diplomatic reports on Empress Alexandra Feodorovna; the unpublished memoirs of tutor Charles Sidney Gibbes; the State Archive of the Russian federation; and the State Public Library, Russian National Library Collection, in St Petersburg."

The book is hardcover, 288 pages, richly illustrated and available now!



Romanovs Adrift is available for immediate shipping at AMAZON:

Monday, December 10, 2018

New Book: The Romanovs Adrift

Eurohistory's 31st book, The Romanovs Adrift, is out now and selling on AMAZON.COM!

In 1913, the Romanovs celebrated three hundred years of seating on the Russian Imperial throne. Great fanfare and hope accompanied the celebrations. A year later, Imperial Russia entered a "war to end all wars," with the hope of "being back home for Christmas." It was not to be.

Instead, in February 1917, after years of administrative and military ineptitude and incompetence, the Russian people had enough of its government's inefficacy and corruption. The consequences, as it turned out, changed the world. Tsar Nicholas II was overthrown; members of the Imperial Family faced persecution, arrest, financial instability, uncertainty, and worse. This is the compelling story of how the Romanovs dealt with glory, war, revolution, persecution, imprisonment, and escape!

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