Eurohistory and Kensington House Publications

 Over the past twenty years, Eurohistory and Kensington House Book have published over twenty titles.

Among the most popular publications are the following books:

H.M. King Michael I of Romania: A Tribute (2001)

Prince Vladimir Paley (1897-1918) – A Poet Among the Romanovs (2004)

The Grand Duchesses (Daughters and Granddaughters of Russia's Tsars) (2004)

Gilded Prism: The Konstantinovichi Grand Dukes and the Last Years of the Romanov Dynasty (2006)

Royal Gatherings - Volume 1: 1859-1914 (2012)

Dear Ellen: Royal Europe Through the Photo Albums of Grand Duchess Helen Vladimirovna of Russia (2012)

Russia and Europe - Dynastic Ties (2013)

The Other Grand Dukes - Sons and Grandsons of Russia's Tsars and Grand Dukes (2013)

APAPA: King Christian IX of Denmark and His Descendants (2014)

The Memoirs of Prince Andreas of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (2015)

Royal Exiles in Cannes: The Bourbons of the Two Siclies of the Villa Marie Therese (2015)

Royal Gatherings Volume II : 1914 - 1939 (2015)

Maria Pia, Queen of Portugal (2015)

From Tyranny to Freedom: Memoirs of the life of Countess Viktoria-Luise of Solms-Baruth (2016)

Albany: One Dynasty, Two Destinies (2016)

Royal Collections II: The Romanovs - An Imperial Tragedy (2016)

A Life for the Tsar: Triumph and Tragedy at the Coronation of Emperor Nicholas II of Russia (2016)

Romanovs Adrift: The Russian Imperial Family in 1913-1919 (2018)

Death of A Romanov Prince (2018)

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