Friday, June 4, 2021

Family Gathers to Celebrate 81st Birthday of King Constantine II of Greece

This week, the family of King Constantine II of Greece came together to celebrate his 81st birthday. In addition to his wife Queen Anne-Marie, the king was joined by his children Prince Nikolaos of Greece and Princess Theodora of Greece. Constantine’s sisters Queen Sofía of Spain and Princess Irene also were on hand to mark this special moment in the life of their brother. Constantine was born on 2 June 1940 at the Psychiko Palace in Psychiko, a suburb of Athens, as the only son of then Crown Prince Paul of Greece and his wife Princess Frederica of Hanover.


  1. A decent, intelligent man of integrity, so much better than the corrupt politicians and military who engineered his removal. He and his family do honour to Greece.

  2. I am so very happy that you are able to live out your life in your country, the country you love, the country where you belonged. I always remember your statement when you were fighting for your rights. You said, “I was born Greek, I am Greek and I will die Greek” Greece would have been blessed if you were their King, you would have done so much and tried so hard to help your people. They missed out. May God bless you when you rest in your final home in Tatoi

  3. He's. Enjoying his final years at home..( Greece) nice weather and beautiful Greek Islands for enjoyment...who wouldn't want to go back home !!