Tuesday, November 3, 2020

The Death of Duke Ferdinand Eugen of Württemberg (1925-2020)


Duke Ferdinand greeting his cousins: Duke Carl, Duchess Diane, the late Duke Friedrich, and Duchess Marie (2006). Photograph (c) Presse-Foto-Seeger
According to Lucas Szkopinski, Duke Ferdinand Eugen of Württemberg died today (3 November 2020), aged ninety-five. Ferdinand Eugen was a first cousin of Duke Carl of Württemberg, the Head of the Royal House, and Ferdinand was also the longest lived male member of the family.
The engagement of Albrecht Eugen of Württemberg and Nadejda of Bulgaria is announced in January 1924.
Newlyweds: Duke Albrecht Eugen of Württemberg and Princess Nadejda of Bulgaria
On 3 April 1925, HRH Duke Ferdinand Eugen Albrecht Maria Joseph Ivan Rilsky Philipp August Clemens Karl Robert Ludwig Boris Cyrill Franz de Paula of Württemberg was born at Karlsruhe.  Ferdinand was the first child of Duke Albrecht Eugen of Württemberg (1895-1954) and Princess Nadejda of Bulgaria (1899-1958), who married in 1924. Ferdinand was joined by four younger siblings: Duchess Margarethe (1928-2017; married to François Luce de Chevigny), Duke Eugen Eberhard (b.1930; married and divorced Archduchess Alexandra of Austria-Tuscany), Duke Alexander (b.1933), and Duchess Sophie (b.1937; married and divorced Antonio Manuel Rôxo de Ramos-Bandeira). The family became known as the "Black Württembergs" as the children of Albrecht Eugen and Nadejda all had dark hair, which put them in contrast with their first cousins, the children of Albrecht Eugen's brother Philipp.
Duke Albrecht of Württemberg and Archduchess Margarete Sophie of Austria Image (c) ALAMY
Ferdinand's paternal grandparents were Duke Albrecht of Württemberg (1865-1939) and Archduchess Margarete Sophie of Austria (1870-1902). The duke's maternal grandparents were King Ferdinand of Bulgaria (1861-1948) and Princess Marie Louise of Bourbon-Parma (1870-1899). Ferdinand's maternal uncle was King Boris III of Bulgaria (1894-1943), who was one of his namesakes.
Duke Ferdinand of Württemberg and Hereditary Princess Stephanie of Baden in 2009. Photograph (c) Presse-Foto-Seeger
Duke Ferdinand, his sister Duchess Sophie, and his brother Duke Alexander at the 70th birthday celebrations of their cousin Duke Carl of Württemberg in 2006. Photograph (c) Presse-Foto-Seeger
Ferdinand Eugen spent his childhood and youth in Carlsruhe and at Lindach Castle. He attended a grammar school in St Gallen and secondary schools in Ettal and Munich. For political reasons he was declared unworthy of military service in 1943. In 1944, he received a diploma and was obliged to work. Afterward, he attended further secondary school in Schwäbisch Gmünd and graduated from there in 1946. Ferdinand Eugen studied forestry at the University of Freiburg im Breisgau and graduated as a forester. He held a keen interest in botany and photography. Ferdinand of Württemberg had a long career as a forestry engineer. He never married and had no children. Ferdinand was sixth in line to the Headship of the Royal House of Württemberg at the time of his death. The duke lived at Friedrichshafen.
Fürst Friedrich Wilhelm of Hohenzollern with his cousin Duke Ferdinand of Württemberg in 2002. Photograph (c) Presse-Foto-Seeger
The funeral of the duke is expected to take place at Schloß Altshausen, the ancestral home of the Dukes of Württemberg. A date has will be announced in time.
May His Royal Highness Rest In Peace.
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