Tuesday, November 26, 2019

In Profile, a Modern Princess: Louise d'Orléans, Daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Chartres

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The parents of Louise: Prince Charles-Louis d'Orléans and Iléana Manos on their wedding day

Born at Paris on 6 December 1999, Princess Louise Marie Isabelle d'Orléans is the eldest daughter of Prince Charles-Louis, Duke of Chartres, and his wife Princess Iléana (née Manos; a cousin of Crown Prince Alexander of Serbia). Louise has an older brother, Prince Philippe (b.1998), and three younger siblings: Princess Hélène (b.2001), Prince Constantin (b.2003), and Princess Isabelle (b.2005). Princess Louise d'Orléans is the granddaughter of Prince Jacques, Duke of Orléans, and his wife Princess Gersende (née de Sabran-Pontevès); therefore, Louise is the great-granddaughter of the late Prince Henri, Count of Paris, and his wife Princess Isabelle (née Orléans e Bragança), as well as of Foulques de Sabran-Pontevès, Duc de Sabran, and his wife Roselyne (née Manca-Amat de Vallombrosa).


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Princess Louise d'Orléans recently gave an interview to journalist Chloé Friedmann of Madame Figaro. In it, she gave a lot of insight into her life and her goals and hopes for the future. Louise is a third-year student focusing on agricultural engineering at a university in Lille (l’École d’ingénieur agroalimentaire). Like many of her relatives, she enjoys painting and expressing herself artistically. Louise has traveled extensively in South America, and she would love to live in either Argentina or Brazil one day. The princess confides that she is a great admirer of Queen Elizabeth II, and that she also likes watching the Netflix series, The Crown. 

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Louise d'Orléans will be one of the participants at the upcoming Bal des Débutantes held in Paris on 30 November. She will be wearing a gown designed by Giambattista Valli. Princess Louise hopes that her attendance at the ball will help to raise funds for two charities, Seleni and Enfants d'Asie, which Louise and her parents both support. 
For Louise's full interview with Chloé Friedmann of Madame Figaro, please visit this link: Louise d’Orléans : "Je dois faire la révérence devant mes tantes"

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