Tuesday, July 6, 2021

A Right Royal Quiz: Who Am I?

A Gotha Quiz: Who Am I?

By Darren Shelton for the European Royal History Journal.

My maternal grandfather at one time was mooted as heir to a throne he did not inherit, although in time he was to become a reigning sovereign on his brother's death. I was born to a well-known mother who was a considerable heiress, and whose inheritance was hard won over cousins with a greater claim. My father was plucked from obscurity. With my siblings, we ruled in the major capitals of the world. Married twice, I was unlucky in love. My first wife, the treasure of my heart, loved another and despised my presence. My second wife, a political match, loved me to distraction, while I could not stand her. Deprived of children who lived, I spent my life being a progressive free thinker. Who am I, and who were my wives?

The answer will be revealed on Thursday.


I am Holy Roman Emperor Joseph II and my wives, Princess Isabella of Parma and Princess Maria Josepha of Bavaria. 


  1. Joseph II, HR Emperor
    His wives were Isabella of Parma and Maria Josepha of Bavaria

  2. Is it Emperor Joseph II with Isabella of Bourbon-Parma as his first loving wife and Maria Josepha of Bavaria as his second unloved wife who adored him?