Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Romanov Weddings: Princess Catherine of Russia and Ruggero Farace in 1937

Princess Catherine Ivanovna of Russia on her wedding day, 1937.

On 15 September 1937 at Rome, Princess Catherine Ivanovna of Russia (1915-2007) married Marchese Ruggero Farace di Villaforesta (1909-1970). Catherine was the only daughter of Prince Ivan Konstantinovich of Russia (1886-1918) and Princess Elena Petrovna of Serbia (1884-1962). Ruggero was the son of Marchese Alfredo Farace di Villaforesta (1860-1949) and Caterina Fachiri (1882-1968). Princess Catherine and Marchese Ruggero had three children: Nobile Nicoletta Farace (b.1938), Nobile Fiammetta Farace (b.1942), and Marchese Giovanni Farace di Villaforesta (b.1943). The couple separated in 1945 but never divorced.

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  1. I am Uruguayan, an she lived in Montevideo , my birth city, for many years, untill her death in 2007. She is buried here, in Los Fresnos de Carrasco Cemetery. A gentle, very gentle lady, a Princess by birth, a Marchioness by marriage an artist by vocation, a lovely lady by nature. Daniel Jorge Cabot