Friday, June 18, 2021

Romanov Weddings: Prince Vsevolod of Russia and Valli Knust in 1961

Prince Vsevolod of Russia and Valli Knust on their wedding day, 1961.

On 8 June 1961 at London, Prince Vsevolod Ivanovich of Russia (1914-1973) married Valli Elisabeth Knust (1930-2012). Vsevolod was the only son of Prince Ivan Konstantinovich of Russia (1886-1918) and Princess Elena Petrovna of Serbia (1884-1962). Valli was the daughter of Cyril Alexander Eugene Knust (1897-1935) and Dorothy Love (1893-1983), who married in 1929; she was named after her paternal aunt actress Valli Valli (1882-1927; née Knust). Prince Vsevolod had been married twice before. In 1939, he married Lady Mary Lygon (1910-1982); the couple divorced in 1956. In 1956, he married Countess Emilia Berchtold (1914-1993; née de Gosztonyi); the couple divorced in 1961. Prince Vsevolod of Russia had no children from any of his marriages. After the death of her first husband, Princess Valli Romanovsky-Knust married Patrick F. Spencer Moore in 1987.

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  1. Prince Vsevolode was a family friend and as a teenager I had several opportunities to discuss his family history - he was the next in line after Grand Duke Wladimir as head of the imperial house until his death.