Thursday, December 17, 2020

Paul Lambrino - Who Is in Portugal - Has Been Sentenced to Prison in Romania

The High Court of Cassation and Justice has sentenced Paul Lambrino (aka "Paul Philippe Hohenzollern" and aka "Paul al Romaniei") to three years and four months in prison due to influence buying, money laundering and complicity to abuse of office. The sentence is final and enforceable; it cannot be appealed. The sentence is in connection with a corruption case to which Mr Lambrino and twenty-one other defendants are tied. According to DNA (National Anticorruption Directorate), the charges against the defendants concern crimes committed between 2006-2013 in various forms of participation, in the interest of obtaining real estate of special value, including the Snagov Forest and Baneasa Royal Farm, the ownership of which was illegally claimed by Paul Lambrino. Mr Lambrino had worked with others to develop these properties, and outlandish profits were promised to investors in the scheme. 

When the police arrived at the Lambrino residence in Bucharest at 9:32pm this evening, they did not find Paul there. According to his wife Lia, Mr Lambrino is in Portugal. Lia Lambrino spoke to police for only fifteen minutes and did not answer questions from reporters ... though she did tell one to move, as his body was blocking the censor to her gate, which she was trying to close. The police left the Lambrino residence at 10:00pm. At 10:15pm, Bucharest police confirmed that they are now in the process of obtaining an arrest warrant for Paul Lambrino. A police spokesperson stated: "Regarding the person sentenced to imprisonment, given that he was not found at home, the prosecution procedure begins. The activity of obtaining an European arrest warrant and of an international search has started."

Within the past few months, Paul Lambrino traveled to Portugal to stake his unfounded claim as the heir to the bulk of the estate of King Carol II of Romania, who died in exile in Portugal in 1953. Although Paul was in Portugal, and his wife Lia stated today he was in that country, some are speculating that Mr Lambrino may now be in Italy.

Born in 1948 at Paris, Paul-Philippe Lambrino is the only child of Mircea Grigore Carol Lambrino (1920-2006; the son of eventual King Carol II of Romania and his first, morganatic wife Zizi Lambrino) and his first wife Hélène Henriette Nagavitzine, known as opera singer Léna Pastor (1925-1998). In 1996, Paul Lambrino married Lia Georgia Triff (b.1949; the ex-wife of American attorney Melvin Belli). The couple have one son, Carol Ferdinand Lambrino (b.2010).


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  1. I should point out that the farm which Mr Paul “of Romania” (as he changed his name legally) claimed never belonged to King Carol II; it was part of the Domain of the Romanian Crown established by an 1884 act of Parliament and which included a number of properties whose income was to support the Crown. It was not part of the private fortune of the royal family. After then Crown Prince Carol renounced his right of succession in 1926 his father wrote a new codicil, and he was only left the 1/5th of the king’s estate to which he was entitled as one of 5 children; the disposable portion of the estate was left to his successor as king, Carol’s then five year old son Michael who succeeded at Ferdinand’s death. Carol, who was given a new name, Mr Carol Caraiman, accepted this and it did not include much of what he later claimed that was part of Carol II’s estate - because he did not submit the codicil excluding him nor the Partition Agreement, which his attorney signed in his behalf as he was in Paris with Mme Lupescu, and which laid out exactly what he was to inherit and specifically confirmed the exclusion of the properties of the Romanian Crown, which included the collection of paintings given by Carol I to the Romanian Crown. These paintings were later ceded by the Soviet installed communist government of Petru Grosza to King Michael following negotiations led by the the prefect of the royal palace, Jacques Vergotti, and taken to Switzerland on a train provided by the government and escorted by an official appointed by the government, Colonel (later General) Ionescu. The Ceaucescu government and the proto-communist government that succeeded him tried to reclaim these paintings in two cases brought in the US and one in Switzerland, but all were dismissed. Paul, however, has been trying to claim some of the most valuable ones and has tried to claim them in the Portuguese courts, even though two are currently in museums. These never belonged to Paul’s father, grandfather Carol II or Ferdinand I. It should be pointed out that Carol II usurped the throne in 1930 in breach of the Constitution, signed numerous anti-Semitic laws which he supported and which deprived Romanian Jews of their citizenship and Jewish professionals of their right to practice. In 1938 he declared the Constitution abolished, and replaced it with another which allowed him to rule by decree. He then formed the alliance with Germany and on 5 September 1940 handed over his full executive powers to the pro-Nazi Marshal Antonescu, whom he appointed prime minister and the next day resigned the throne to his son, then just 18, but without any of the powers. King Michael bravely conspired against Antonescu, arranged his arrest, and brought Romania into the war on the side of the Allies. Paul “of Romania” has constantly praised Carol, has never condemned him for his Nazi sympathies nor his attacks on the rights and freedoms of Romanian Jews (although Michael’s mother, Queen Helen, is memorialise at Vad Yashem for her support and help with the escape of many of them).