Saturday, December 5, 2020

A Right Royal Riddle: Who Are We?

A Gotha Quiz: Who Are We?

By Darren Shelton, for the European Royal History Journal.

"Before we married, I loved my future wife from afar. She, however, loved another. I approached the apple of her eye and told him my plight. He spoke to her and set her straight and opened the path for me to propose. She accepted and we had a large family - of which four of our children were two sets of twins. 

As a hint, my wife and I shared some ancestry: my maternal grandmother and her paternal grandmother were sisters.

Who Are We?"

The answer will be posted tomorrow. 


We are Landgrave Friedrich Karl of Hesse (1868-1940) and Princess Margarethe of Prussia (1872-1954). 


  1. I believe it’s Prince Frederick Charles of Hesse (1868-1940) and Princess Margaret of Prussia (1872-1954).

    1. Oh, yes. I recall only Maximilian of Bavaria with two sets of twins, but he was more closest to his wife.

  2. Yes, I agree on Frederick Charles of Hesse and Margaret of Prussia.