Saturday, November 16, 2019

Watch Here: The Duke Of York Grants Interview To BBC About Friendship With Jeffrey Epstein

As you can watch at the link above, the Duke of York gave an interview to Emily Maitlis about his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein and the allegations against him. It was broadcast on BBC Newsnight this evening.

The duke denied any knowledge of anything untoward regarding Epstein, and the duke denied that he himself had done anything wrong in regards to the accusations that have been made about his own conduct.

Suffice to say, now would be a great time for Prince Andrew to remove himself from royal roles and public life.

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  1. The Duke needed to be better prepared, but it is obvious that he is put in a corner by the simple facts stated by Ms. Maitlis so ably. He is a Problem to the Royal Family. If he were Japanese, he could commit Hari Kiri more honorably, but not in Britain. He may well decide or be decided to remove himself from any royal roles and public life, as is suggested here.