Thursday, December 26, 2019

A Collection of Christmas Images from the Imperial & Royal Houses of Europe & the Americas

Please enjoy these holiday photographs from various royal and imperial families around Europe and the Americas. From Albania to Brazil to Italy to Romania to the Two Sicilies, we wish you a Blessed Christmas & Happy New Year!

Pictured: Crown Prince Leka and Crown Princess Elia of the Albanians

Pictured: Archduke Karl, his son Archduke Ferdinand, and his daughter Archduchess Gloria

Pictured: Prince LuĂ­z, Prince Bertrand, and Prince AntĂ´nio with his wife Princess Christine

Pictured: Prince Umberto, Prince Amedeo, and Princess Isabella of Savoy (children of the Duke and Duchess of Aosta)

Pictured: Archduke Carlos Felipe, Archduchess Anne-Claire, and their sons Archduke Julián Lorenz and Archduke Louis-Damien

Pictured: Prince Nicholas and Princess Alina-Maria of Romania

Two Sicilies
Pictured: The Duke and Duchess of Castro with their daughters Princess Maria Carolina and Maria Chiara

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